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Recently I recorded a video from Austin, Texas, where I was working with one of my clients! I talk about returning to my room to find a little goodie bag from the hotel!

It got me thinking …

Being Our Best Selves

We come to the table as our best selves at the beginning of so many things!

When we start a brand new relationship, we really woo the person and we put a lot of energy and work into it. When we take the dive into working out, we really go full into it when we have a goal for our body. We think hard about nourishing our bodies in a way that will give us optimal results physically. We customize our workouts and make sure we’re investing in ourselves and going to the gym or the yoga studio.

We do the same thing with our careers! When we get a new job or promotion, we put a lot of time and energy into it!

That changes when we’ve been somewhere for a long time! Maybe if we’ve been with the same company for 10 or 15 years, you don’t have that same excitement you once did.

What if …

So it got me thinking. First, what if more hotels did something like this? How would you feel if you stayed at a hotel that had been open for 20 years and they still worked hard to get your business? How incredible would that be?

What if after being with someone romantically for three years, you work just as hard (or harder) to make sure they feel loved and appreciated as you did when you first started dating? You could do the same with your body or your career — put the same amount of energy and investment and excitement into it that you did in the beginning.

How would things be different?

My Challenge for You!

Think of an area in your life you feel you could be putting more energy and investment. It could be a relationship, your career, your health … whatever! The key is to think of something you once put in a ton of energy to achieve fantastic results.

How could you achieve those results again? You could go back to being in love with the person you’re with or being in love with the career you’re working.

Don’t blame the other person or your employer! Take your power back! What if it’s you? What if you could put in even more energy to get back to the place you once were physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?

I want you to get on that and report back! What results can you see after one week? One month?

You’ve got this!


In Gratitude, and Infinite Light & Love…



Did you know that the thoughts you have each day are made up of 70% of your thoughts from the day before?? Crazy, right?!

It’s why I took a good, hard look at my nightly ritual and refined it to include amazing thoughts and thankfulness!

I talk about this in detail with Thor Conklin on his Podcast (listen to it here!), Peak Performers, but I’ll break it down for you here, too!!

Each night in that window right before I fall asleep, I spend the five minutes intentionally programming what I want to think about the next day! Different days I do different things, but here are a few examples:

1. What I’m grateful for

This is a great one! In those minutes before I head into dreamland, I will be super conscious about what (and who) I’m thankful for!!

So I will think of my nephew, think of my man, think of the amazing South Africa retreat that is coming up and reflect that I can’t believe this is my life! It’s just amazing!

2. I love you!

There are other evenings I will just put my hand on my heart and say, “I love you, thank you” and think about all the people in my life that I really love and that I’m really thankful for … including myself!

I will literally say, “I love you thank you” for each of my clients, going through each person and do that!

3. Vision Space

What is going to be different in my life six months from now?? How will that look and feel?

Right before I fall asleep, I will really envision it! I also think of the following day and what that will look like. How will tomorrow go?

No matter what it is, it’s using the time to consciously and intentionally create my life instead of haphazardly waiting for something to happen and react to it!


My intention around my nighttime routine translates into every facet of my life! I will find myself thinking, “I love my life, I love my life, holy crap, I can’t believe this is my life – pinch me!”

That carries over into my business relationships and projects, my time with family and friends, my general demeanor!

What are you doing before you fall asleep at night? Is it bringing you peace or bringing you stress?

Comment to let me know and don’t forget to listen to my Podcast interview with Thor!

Increasing Your Want Factor! And Trick Yourself Into Wanting to Want to Do It!

How do you want to want to do something that you aren’t super crazy about even wanting to do in the first place, but you know that when you do that thing that it will be good for you?! Haha, I’ve got you! Here is an exercise that you can do to walk yourself through how to increase your want factor so that you can stop avoiding doing the very thing that you know will take you to the next level!

(If you are struggling coming up with ideas of how to get your want factor to go from a 0 to a 10, then maybe just try to play with getting it to a 3 or a 5! Even small shifts will make the biggest impacts and truly rock your world! Meet yourself where you are at, and grow from there! 😉 xoxo,)

OK, Let’s do this! You know the drill – Get out your pen and paper and write down whatever comes to mind! 😉

1. What is one thing that you want to want to do?


I want to WANT to exercise.

2. Why do you want to want that thing? How will your life be different once you do that thing? AKA – WHY do you even want to want to do it in the first place? What is the end goal? What are the benefits? What are the rewards? What are the desired outcomes? Write it all down! 😉

Example – My Why …

I’m ready for a new standard for my body! This is about optimal strength and health! No settling and no mediocrity allowed! I want to be even more fit, foxy, lean, cut, tight, toned, and strong! I want to make sure that I maintain the epic SEXY body that I fought hard to create, and then do one even better than that, and take it to the next level and make it even better! I want to inspire others to know that they too can make the changes, and I’ll LEAD the way be doing it and having a TON of FUN with it!

Right now – Core is not strong and I have lower back pain. It will be liberating to be pain free!

Purpose – Growth, progress, challenge, competition, fun, connection with accountabilibuddy 🙂 Maintain the body that I worked hard to create, and up my sexy factor – taking my body sculpting to the next level – epic uplevel ahead! WOO!!

Plus – More energy, my digestive system is always rocking at optimal levels when I work out, and I feel AMAZING, and I love a flat tummy so I can wear tight fitted clothing, and some of my tight dresses that show off my curves when I go on dates with my man! 🙂 It’s also an aspect of me walking my talk and SHOWING the world, that you CAN have it ALL, AND look and feel sexy while doing it all! WOOO!!!

And on top of all of that, I will take my dog Izzy with me on my adventures – Long walks, running, hiking, etc – that way her and I have more time together and we BOTH benefit from the workout and adventures! And I will incorporate my man Joe into the fun too so that I can really make this a connection opportunity in my life. And I will find as many ways as possible to trick myself into a workout, by finding super fun things that will be getting me in shape – Like finding new hiking trails to explore, and going to an indoor trampoline park, etc. 🙂

3. On a scale of 0 to 10, what is your current level of desire for wanting to that very thing?


Currently my want factor is at about a 3.

4. What do you want your want factor to be at? And WHY that number specifically.


I want the want factor to be at an 8. Why? – Because I do not want to become obsessed with it, or at a total extremist at a level of 10 (been there in the past and I didn’t feel balanced), however I would like to make this something that is a part of my every day routine, and part of my self love standard! 😉

5. What would have to happen in order for you to WANT to do that thing at the level that you WANT to do it at? (Think about what you would need to have your focus on when you are gearing yourself up to do that thing, what to focus on while you are doing that thing, what you would need to add or remove from your environment, what you would need to do?


What would have to happen in order for you to WANT to workout on a level 8?

  • I would need to focus on the end goal – Fit, Foxy, Lean, Cut, Tight, Toned, and Strong!!!
  • Create a vision board that reminds me of my WHY and pulls me forward.
  • Create an accountability structure – Either hire a Personal Trainer, or find an accountabillibuddy to do the journey with me! Someone who I know will be there by my side for the journey and I’ll be accountable to check in with!
  • Find a community / tribe of peeps that can do this with me, that will make me feel inspired, ignited, and motivated!!!
  • Make dates with friends to go to cross training so that I actually go – and/or sign up for the class in advance so I pay for it in advance and go!
  • SCHEDULE it! Like in stone! With some kind of accountability for it – Wether a friend is doing it with me and we put it on the books,
  • Specific and measurable goals!! Have a system in place to track progress, measure it, and specific deadlines for each incremental goal! With the goals broken down into super tiny bite sized chunks – And FUN goals – Like – Do a pull up! Which would allow me to FEEL strong and badass once I can do it, AND will be an awesome way to track my progress!!! 😉 And another playful way to track progress is a Result / Outcome – Mission Green Bikini Bottoms – Get in the best shape and health of my life!!!! (This is a fun and playful way for me to know when I have achieved my outcome, which is how the green bikini bottoms look and feel on me!!! Right now they are a bit tight and too small, and I’m on a mission to change that!!!! WOO!!)
  • I know that the more I do it and see and feel results that I will want to do it more! It becomes quite addicting actually! So I need to remind myself of this too!!!
  • Create an epic sexy vision of myself on the beach, with my man, and I am gliding around, strutting my stuff as we are on a tropical adventure filled paradise getaway! And keep that vision at the forefront.
  • Start every morning with looking at the vision board – Have it out in plain site, all day every day And have reminders of the end goal in all of the places that I frequent!

6. What would you have to believe in order for your want factor to increase your want factor to the level that you desire it to be at? And what would need to happen in order for you to believe that thing?


In order to increase my want to factor I would have to believe that working out is FUN. And in order to believe that working out is fun I would need to get crafty and figure out ways to “trick” myself into working out – AKA – Doing FUN adventurous things like slackline, trapeze. Skiing, dancing, indoor wall climbing, etc.

Also it’s more fun when I do it with people – So I’d need to recruit peeps to do it with me!! Create a tribe to do it! Have fun, be playful, support each other, and help hold each other accountable. Yaaay for epic sexy communities! WOO! For example I can throw Epic Sexy Adventure events that incorporate working out – Like an upcoming event I am planning with pole dancing to unleash our inner Goddess, roller skating to unleash our inner child, and a party bus where we can let loose and bust some moves! Its working out AND honoring my life’s core values of fun, adventure, connection, growth, etc!!! 😉

I would also have to believe that it is a standard in life that shows me that I matter! And that taking time for me every single day to sculpt my body, is an expression of self love! In order to shift my beliefs to truly believe that it is an expression of self love, I could make a mantra, affirmation, primary question power hitter that I can repeat to myself constantly until it was autopilot – SHOW me I matter / I MATTER!!!! / How can I show you today how much you matter?! Which for me is saying that when I take time out of my day to strengthen and sculpt my body, it is SHOWING me that I am loved, that I matter, and that I’m worth it – I love me!!!

To really cement it in, you can keep going …

How do you want to feel when you are doing this thing? (Excited? Energized? Happy? Optimistic? Etc.)

What would need to happen in order for you to be able to feel that way while you are doing that thing? How can you CREATE those feelings? Get creative!!!

Just play with this. Create your own custom recipe. Get creative. Get others to brainstorm with you so you can come up with ideas! Think outside the box!

And remember – If you are struggling, then just do one percentage increase at a time!!!! 😉 ONE thing at a time!!! ONE thing at a time! ONE thing at a time! Part of what holds us back from reaching our goals is when we try to do it all at once and burnout, OR we think about everything we have to do, get overwhelmed, and do nothing!

Get ahead of the overwhelm and burnout, and just do ONE thing at a time!

You’ve got this!


In Gratitude, and Infinite Light & Love…



This woman is a super badass who is awe-inspiring … and she just happens to be my cousin! Breana Field is a true creator of her life, beats to her own drum, and endlessly lives life on her own terms! It would be awfully selfish for me to keep her all to myself, so I did ya’ll a favor and invited her to join me on Epic Sexy Souls.

On this episode you will hear us explore how this globe trotting citizen of the world chases her bliss, and lives a fully ignited life! She has lived more in the past years than most people live in an entire lifetime!

This episode is chock-full with inspiration, adventure, insights to new ways of being, new paradigms, new opportunities for choices that may open doors to lead you down a path beyond your wildest dreams!!!

This Episode’s Teasers:

Here is what Breana had to say after we wrapped up the recording, and I asked her to share some pics with us so we could have some teasers of her very own epic life!

“I mean, I could show off with the most amazing pictures of landscapes and mountains and temples fit for postcards, etc. all afternoon. But for me, the pics like the ones I’ve sent mean something because they signify super authentic experiences that fell into my lap and greatly enhanced my life at that time, things I accomplished, learned, or just proved to myself I knew I could do! Thanks again for the opportunity to chat, maybe one of these days that fire you started will get big enough under my ass for me to do some writing on my own 😉

Bee farm mural

Bee Farm Mural

(I painted the entire thing!) — I’m pictured w/ the farm crew. I didn’t know I would paint a mural during my volunteer time there and it was such a joy to give the farm family that gift.

Northern Vietnam motorcycle trip

Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Trip

This was taken in Sapa, the destination for that journey. After a broken down motorcycle, washed out roads and dudes that fed me lunch in a gas station (forgot to tell that story haha) I was super happy to get to this spot!

Volunteering with elephants in Cambodia

Volunteering Elephants Cambodia

We’d spent two days just following them through the forest observing them and this was the only 5 min I was allowed to get close to one of them (during a session to check their health)

Forklift driving in New Zealand

Forklift Driving in New Zealand

(in yes… a tiger onesie…haha) i had encountered some rather sexist attitude about forklift driving in the wine industry, so it was my next goal to get good at it. I am now licensed in 3 countries and was pretty stoked to be trusted with processing thousands of dollars of fruit each night (and enjoyed rockin’ the tiger suit to prove you don’t have to take yourself seriously to believe in yourself 😉 )

Fishing in NZ!

Fishing in NZ

Had a friend with a fishing boat and being adopted by his family and taught to catch and clean fish was my favorite part of my life there. Goes to show you have no idea who is waiting for you in new places, ready to welcome you into the best parts of their life.

Motorcycle riding in Laos!

Motorcycle Riding in Laos

This was the first bike I rented, shortly after I arrived in SE Asia. I remember feeling pure joy riding through dirt road towns and coffee plantations. A true “fuck yeah I did it” moment. And the people with me were from the hostel, we looked out for each other and I was grateful we could encourage one another to get out on those bikes.

Wading through the river en route from Laos to Cambodia!

Wading River Laos to Cambodia

The water was too low for the ferry to come all the way up to the shore. So when the locals started wading out towards it, we knew we’d better get to walkin! A bunch of us from the hostel had bought $6 mini bus tickets to cross the border and didn’t ask questions regarding water crossings, conditions, etc. Haha. We all had such a good adventure that day! Taught me that the hard, long, (cheaper) way of traveling is always more memorable than flying.

Boat crew in AU!

Boat Crew AU

Loved these folks that took me on even though I only had a little experience and provided me with some of my most surreal moments in Australia.

Again, use NONE of these if you have others you like better! I just welcomed the excuse to go through my photos and wander with coffee down memory lane…haha

Keep in touch! Xx b

It is my hope that you feel as blessed, moved, and touched by Breana and her stories and way of being as I have been!

Please….SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE this with all of your friends and fam!!! Spread the love, inspiration, and passion like wildfire with your tribe and join me as we light this world on fire, one Epic Sexy Soul at a time!!! 😉 xoxox

And…. Please LEAVE a COMMENT and let us know what moved you! 😉 xoxo

In Gratitude and Infinite Love…




I think you might like this! It’s an interview I did recently with Luke Carignan, a guy who just left the corporate world and started his own business!

There are lots of awesome paradigm shifts that we discuss on this call, and you’ll hear insights to a mind of someone who is relentless and has a unique perspective of “failure” that leaves him constantly swimming in a whole world of Epic success!

My dream was to start something that’s my own. I live life by the motto of doing things that other people wouldn’t dare to do and making it make sense for a client. – Luke Carignan

It’s 50 mins, so maybe you can listen to it during a commute or somethin’! 🙂

(The quality of the call is kind of crappy at the beginning, but I promise you it gets better, and there are some golden nuggets of – Insights, Inspiration, Positivity, Paradigm Shifting, Possibilitarian SoulStorming, and so much more!!!

Listen to this Epic Sexy Soul Interview to hear a Luke making his very own Epic Sexy moves and how he is turning his dreams into reality!!!)

As promised, I will keep on delivering some good ol’ Code Breaking – Breakthroughs and the How Tos – in an effort to help YOU break patterns, find YOU missing pieces, and create YOUR very own Epic Sexy Life that you absolutely LOVE living!!

In Gratitude, and Limitless Love…

Morgan – Epic Sexy Life Code Breaker
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In June of 2014 I did what most of us would call “taking a leap of faith.”  I like to call it “betting on ME”.  I put in my notice at work – I started the convo with something most corporate employers don’t often hear… I said, “I have been doing some soul searching…” and then I quit my lucrative full time job so that I could give every ounce of my being to the very thing that was calling to me and feeds my soul beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before – My Life Coaching business.  I live, eat, breathe, and sleep my passion every single moment of every single day and I could not be more in love with this business and the life that I have created. And I am going to share with you something simple that will help YOU do the same thing for yourself!!!

In the past year I have built a thriving business, AND I have created a life where I often am all “PINCH ME!!!  AM I DREAMING?! AHHH I LOOOOOVE LIFE!!!!” 

I also fell madly deeply in love with an amazing man, fell even more in love with myself, traveled the globe, met sooooo many Epic Sexy Souls, and had more Epic Adventures and FUN than I ever even thought possible!!!! 

And I would like YOU to be able to intentionally create this kind of life for yourself too, by living life on purpose and setting an intention…

In June of 2014 I set an Intention – My number one focus was to fill my life with endless adventures! To make it the most fun year of my life! My mantra became – Just have FUN!!!! Every single thing I did I asked myself – “Is this going to be fun?”  And if the answer was “No”, then I didn’t do it!  And I was ALWAYS on the hunt for FUN!  More FUN!  MORE FUN! One of my lives mottos “If it’s not fun, why do it?!” And as a result, I had the most fun year of my entire life!!!!

This video is what the year of “Fill My Life with Endless Adventures and be on the Hunt for FUN” looked like – 

When I hit the one year mark, I decided to reevaluate for a new intention and after looking at what I wanted to feel more of this year, to be more of, to experience more of, to achieve more of, and to take my life to new heights, I realized that the mantra that was going to suit me best to get me what my soul was craving was – “PLAY FULL OUT”.  And OMG has that already created an epic uplevel and a massive shift in my energy and intentional and purposeful decisions and actions that I have taken in even just the few months it’s been since I set this new intention.

Every single decision that I make, I ask myself – “Am I playing full out?”  If the answer is No, than I challenge myself to think bigger and stretch myself beyond any zone I’ve ever played in!  If the answer is Yes, and there is resistance to it (i.e when I asked myself if going to Fiji, for a retreat to be a participant for my own growth evolution and expansion, was playing full out and the answer was a resounding YES, but then I realized it was going to be right after I hosted an Epic Sexy Adventure Retreat, I’d be away from home for almost a month, AND it would be 30 hours of travel door to door… I was met with such an Epic resistance from myself to go… so I decided to lean into that resistance, and that because I was giving myself a ton of “I can’ts” that Fiji was now an “I must” for me, and I felt that I’d come out the other end a stronger, smarter, and more enlightened being – And I most certainly did! Not to mention with some new soul connections and friends for life!!!)

Here are some things that have happened in just the past few months since I have intentionally created this new primary question for myself as my numero uno intention for living life on purpose and creating the life of my dreams… PLAYING FULL OUT….

I hosted an Epic Sexy Adventure Retreat in Mexico…

yoga retreat mexico
We swam with whale sharks…

whale shark tour mexico whale shark tour

We zip lined over the jungle…

ziplne jungle mexico adventure retreat

We road ATVs in the mud…

 ATV Mud Adventure Retreat

We climbed wobbly tall poles, one higher than the next, and then we took the leap of faith from the highest step…

life coach

We got our rock climbing on…

We climbed bridges in the tree tops…

We became a human roller coaster (most EPIC roller coaster ride of all time!)…

human roller coaster mexico

We flew in a Super Man fashion over the jungle…

zipline jungle

We got our pamper on and treated ourselves to massages and body scrubs…

papmer retreat

Then I went to Fiji and…

Fiji Island Life

I rode some incredibly powerful and beautiful horses…

horesback riding fiji

I rode a jet ski in the waters surrounding the island of Fiji…

I went water-skiing…

I jumped on a trampoline in the ocean and challenged myself  to revisit my younger years as a gymnast and getting my flips on…

paddle-boarded for the first time in my life!

I went snorkeling…

fiji Snorkel

I went scuba diving for the first time in my life…

I volunteered to go first to climb a single pole, several stories high, and then jumped off that bad boy, came down and helped coach everyone else how to overcome their fears, and climb to the top to experience the victory that was rightfully theirs…

life coaching pole

I met the most amazing souls and kindred spirits, and now have a massive amount of new friends for life!

 fiji adventure retreat

I wrote a book (coming soon – It’s in the editing process as of next week – waiting for Mercury in Retrograde to end so we can get this editing par-tay started!  WOOO!!) – Teaser, here is the Titile: Epic Sexy Self LoveThe Kickass Thrival Guide to The Ultimate Love Affair

I won the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup!!! I said yes to playing the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup!!!  Out of over 16 years of IPEC Life Coaching Certification graduates, I was among the 300 coaches that were nominated to play in the cup, and over the course of 4 months we Played Full Out, had an absolute blast, I learned a TON about my own self mastery as well as taking my coaching mastery to the next level, I fell even more in love with the IPEC coaching program, their employees, and the entire community of coaches, and then I took home the Trophy and won the whole thaang!

I went on a family adventure to South Carolina…

south carolina adventure south carolina adventure

I threw an unleash your inner child, reverse aging, par-tay on the same playground that I went to elementary school!

happiness project Life coaching kickball

Oh, and I turned 33 in September and I can feel this is going to be the absolute BEST year of my entire life! (Only to be trumped by next year, and the year after that… and you get my drift!)

thrive coach

All of this in just the past 4 months, all because I have one constant question / mantra on my mind – “Am I playing full out?!” /  “PLAY FULL OUT!” / “What are ALL the ways that I can Play Full Out?!!” / “How can I raise my bar even higher and push myself even further to play full out?! WOO!!!!  This is all on a replay loop all day every day!!!!

Now, most importantly….

Let’s look at how you can create YOUR own BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!

Below, I have shared the answers that came up for me that led me to my mantra so you could see how I came to mine, and hopefully that helps you come up with your own!!  Take out a pen and paper, and write down what comes up for you!

Ask yourself:

What do I want to feel more of this year? (ex. even more love for myself, even more love for and with my man, more love with my family and especially figuring out how to take my relationship with my mother to a whole new level than anything we have ever experienced before, more alive, more carefree, more euphoria, more bliss, more unconditional love…)

What do I want to BE more of? (ex. sculpted like a piece of art work, even more ignited, more fearless, more powerful, more loving, more playful…)

What do I want to experience more of? (ex. more exhilaration, more self mastery, more adventures, more travels, see even more of the world, connect with more kindred souls, find more of my tribe, more exhilaration, more time outside of my already expansive “comfort zone”, more time with self love activities and loving myself up in relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, spoiling…)

What do I want to achieve more of? (ex. Take my business to the next level, to touch more lives, push myself beyond any zone I have ever experienced in my entire life, to take my body to the next level, to take my relationships to the next level, more financial mastery, more coaching mastery, more self mastery, learn grow and expand…)

What would I like to do to take my life to new heights? (ex. stretch myself beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before, do more speaking engagements so that I can touch more lives and spread the love light and joy that I emanate, say yes ONLY when it is a HELL YES, and only do the things that are moving me forward towards my souls fulfillment to spread ignition in peoples souls like wildfire so that when I leave this place it is brighter than what any of us can even fathom right now…)

I realized that the mantra that was going to suit me best, to get me what my soul was craving, was – “Play Full Out!” and constantly asking myself – “Am I playing full out?!” /  “What are ALL the ways that I can Play Full Out?!!” / “How can I raise my bar even higher and push myself even further to Play FULL Out?!  Wooo!!!!

What is your Mantra / Your new primary question?!

Share with us!  And then share this with your friends, fam, coworkers, loved ones, so they can experience their own Epic Sexy uplevel too!!!

In Gratitude and Infinite Love….. 



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Earlier this month I spent an average of 16 hours per day for 4 days straight with the Legendary Tony Robbins and his crew. Let me just tell you – this fucking guy is the real deal!!! I have never had the privilege to meet and be in the presence of someone who has touched that many lives and is that grounded, humble, and truly grateful for everything he has experienced on his journey. To say it was “refreshing” is an understatement.

Here are 6 Code Breaking Re-Frame Tips I unlocked when I was at the event and I wanted to share them with you so that you can uplevel your life too!!! WOOO! Get it!! (#6 is a BIGEE!!!)


There were close to 8,000 people in the room. Every person who I had the pleasure of connecting with had clearly come there to change their life. They all wanted more! Holy shit! This scale and magnitude of impact, energetic heights, and sheer numbers of individuals was MIND BLOWING – EIGHT THOUSAND PEOPLE – all in one room, who were playing full out, for 16 hours per day, for FOUR DAYS straight, and literally giving it ALL they had!!

Seriously at one point, in the middle of a guided meditation/hypnotherapy-like exercise about dispelling limiting beliefs that hold you back from the very things that you want … I was curled up in fetal position BAWLING my eyes out on the floor, nose running, super ugly face crying, SCREAMING, and hearing EIGHT THOUSAND other people do the very same thing!

Q. Explore the areas of your life – love, health, career, friendships, family relationships, personal growth and development, etc – Where are you playing in your comfort zone? Where are you holding back? What would it look like if you played FULL OUT? And how would your life be different as a result of doing that?

Ask yourself – What is ONE thing, that if I did that ONE thing, that I KNOW it would change my life? (You’ll know when you’ve landed on that thing because you don’t even want to say it out loud because you don’t want to be held accountable to it.)

ESY Challenge – Go tell someone about that ^ ONE thing ^ so that you will actually be more likely to DO IT!

2. Push Yourself Beyond Your Own Perceived Limits:

During the weekend, just when you think you have passed the point beyond exhaustion, you are literally shutting down, eyes closing involuntarily … then out of nowhere – BAM! You’re dancing for an hour straight without even realizing it and you’re on the best high of all time!

Oh – and while we were there … we walked on fire. Yea. And it didn’t even hurt. I know, it sounds CRAZY, but it’s true!

Day one – We walked on coals. Yes, this was BADASS. I can now say I walked on fire. I am a Firewalker! But trust me when I tell you that that was the least of the epicness of the weekend. Yea. Hard to believe, right?!

It was like attending years of therapy in four days, AND being at the most fucking epic live music concert of all time, all the while surrounded by the most fucking epic community of souls!

Q. What are some limits that you have unconsciously created for yourself? Explore each… Physical limits? Mental Limits? Emotional limits?

Ask Yourself – How can I push myself just that one extra step than usually every single time?!

ESY Challenge – Make a habit of action where you always take just one extra step that you would typically do and see how life changing that is!!! Just ONE extra step every single time will rock your work and elevate you to new heights.

3. Whatever You Do, Make Sure it Feeds Your Soul!!!!

This man is a gazillionaire (yes I realize I made that word up, stay with me here) … the man owns an ISLAND for fucksake. Yea, he is that kind of wealthy … And as he is on stage he reminds us – “I do this not because I have to but because I CAN.” AKA — He could retire. He could stop and just enjoy his life and every generation of his family that follows would be all set. He could even just work with his one-on-one clients, which he charges $1M per year, and he could let his endless empires just run themselves, and he would have endless financial abundance! But he does his tours and events still because he clearly LOVES it, and it Feeds his soul!

Q. What are you doing daily that feeds your soul? If your job doesn’t feed your soul – the job that you spend more awake time than any other thing you do in your life – If you are doing that job because you feel like you “have to”… Well my friend, then it’s going to be a long, hard, draining, quite exhausting existence!

Ask yourself – If money and time were endlessly abundant, what would I LOVE to do with my life?! What does my soul CRAVE?

ESY Challenge – Write down whatever comes up, and then figure out a way to incorporate those things in your day to day so you can reenergize your life!!!

4. Always Stretch Yourself to Have a Beginner’s Mind!

To be honest with you, I almost didn’t go. My brother kept insisting that it would be “life changing!” And yet, as I listened to him talk about his experience, nothing he was saying sounded like new insights for me. I have certifications in Life Coaching, Yoga, and Nutrition. I spend all day every day immersed in my own business of helping women break their patterns, find their missing pieces, get answers to questions that have been plaguing them for years! And I live, eat, breath, and sleep all things pattern breaking, human psychology, life coaching, nutrition, yoga, etc. and so, I hate to admit it, but I was thinking – What more could I get from an event like this that I don’t already know?

And truth be told, when I got there I realized that I had heard this content before, but it was wildly different hearing it from this legendary man himself. I had more epiphanies in a four-day time frame than I could even keep up with! 100 on a 10 scale of WOW factor. While I was there I immediately signed up for several of his programs because you bet your ass I am going to sharpen the hell out of my saw, master the shit out of my craft, and learn as much as I possibly can from this journey so that I can share the insights with my own clients so that they can uplevel their lives in epic ways too and be the BEST damn coach in the entire universe!

Q. If you are radically honest with yourself, where in your own life are you a bit close-minded? Where do you feel like, “oh I already know this shit”, and so you haven’t been giving your full attention to being fully present and engaged in those moments? You haven’t even been listening?! Who haven’t you been taking the time to listen to?

ESY Challenge – In each moment where you catch yourself not being fully present because you feel like you already know what is being discussed – Ask yourself – What could I learn from this? How can I gain new knowledge from this situation, or this person? How can I leverage the power of repetition to hear the same things over and over again and learn a new nugget of gold each time?

(Before I started running my own retreats I used to work on a team that hosted retreats lead by a world-renowned coach, and I would hear the same concepts over and over multiple times per year and yet I listened intently each time and got new nuggets of gold every single time! Think about how this may be true in your own life, and how much faster you can get where you want to go if you always bring a beginner’s mind with you every single place you go! And into all relationships that you are in!

What if the other person’s perspective and knowledge can help you expedite your own journey! Even when we see what we don’t like, we are still learning and growing!) And include a healthy balance of what can I SHARE with others that I already know? Teaching others what you know ingrains it into the fiber of your being even more. Shit, that’s a pretty damn great reason to share if you can’t think of any other reason to do so – WIN WIN! WINNING!

5. Unleash Your Inner Child!

At the conclusion of Tony’s part of the program, he unleashes his inner child as he pulls out super soakers and starts to spray the audience. The entire room went crazy, people were spraying their water bottles in the air, soaking the people around them, everyone engaging in play with this epic fearless leader on the stage before us!

Q. How do you unleash your inner child?! How do you honor that playful, fun, and completely carefree inner child that just wants to come out and play?! How often do you let them come out? And how would life be different if you could let them out more frequently?

Ask yourself – If I listened to my inner child, with NO judgment, what is it telling / has it been telling me for years that I would like to do?

ESY Challenge – And then figure out a way to incorporate those things into your day to day existence! Life is supposed to be FUN damnit!!! FUN I say!!! FUUUUNNNNN!!! WOOO!!!

And here was one of my biggest takeaways that I would like to share with you in the hope that you can get something from it too…

6. Make Sure You Are Consciously Assigning Each of Your Personalities a Role in Each Area Of Your Life!

OK, I am going to get a little vulnerable and personal here for a minute…

As Tony explained this concept – that we all have multiple personalities, and that we need to consciously assign them to areas of out lives or we will unconsciously be sabotaging ourselves – I realized the following about myself …

Somewhere along the way, my crazy, sexy, fun, wild, playful, careless and free me decided to become the CEO of my business. For a long time this version of me was actually the one fully present in my relationship, which is what made it so much FUN and enjoyable for so long!! And somewhere along the way my Power House version of me – The kickass, unstoppable, get shit done, conquer the world, get results, make shit happen, create your own destiny, can make anything and everything she desires come intro fruition … yea, that girl took over the relationship. OY VEY! And thank God I came to this realization now before too much damage and destruction was caused!

What I realized was that the Power House version of me is the one I had blamed for a lot of unwanted negative shit that went down in the past. Like for example, when she was in charge of the career she worked me to death. Literally, I was fucking exhausted all day every day.

To say that I was “burned out” is an understatement. Sure, she kicked major ass – one promotion after the next, climbing the corporate ladder, money GALORE – we are talking big time money bucks McGee – but I was never happy. No time for anything other than making shit happen! I was a workaholic for YEARS! And here is what I realized… She was chasing the wrong thing. She was chasing the need to be significant. To PROVE herself to the world! To BE somebody!! To make up for the lack and emptiness that she felt inside. And as long as that is her build in my life.

And so, I was afraid to put her back in the game.

As you can imagine though, that awesome ninja warrior goddess does not settle for the role of sitting on the bench, so she put herself back in the game in an area that I hadn’t intentionally blocked her from – i.e. my relationship.

So through this newfound awareness, I decided to make an immediate swap!

Power House is now the CEO of Epic Sexy You. With one life-altering shift that is the biggest game changer of all time – I gave her a new intention – Growth AND Contribution. She is chasing growth and leaving a legacy of contribution everywhere she goes. She is honestly the most powerful force I have ever encountered, and the very second that I made that shift for her, she was off to the races. I unleash her now in coaching sessions and at the events I host, and let me tell you she is a beast of epic proportions chasing the life changing transformations for herself and for every single soul she encounters.

And then she got even STRONGER. It unlocked something that had always been there that I just hadn’t ever allowed to be front and center – My energy reading capabilities SKYROCKETED and my ability to receive spiritual intuitive downloads became even more effortless than anything I had every experienced before. It’s almost overwhelming the amount that comes through now! Like I opened a portal. Or rather blew one open with a massive stick of dynamite! This is the most FUN I have ever had playing with my spiritual gifts!

And then there was the previous CEO – Miss crazy, sexy, fun, wild, playful, careless and free me, and she was all, “oooooo PUHHLLEEEEEZE put me back in the relationship, that area of your life was sooooo much more fun when I was there!” So I did. And BAM! Back to a FUN, in the flow, completely immersed in the moment and joys of connection and love and bliss and adventure and everything but Seriouspants McGee business shit! And it was as simple as that. Back to Euphoric Bliss.

I remember talking to one of my friends about a month ago where I was feeling the shift to a less fun relationship and I could feel myself getting all serious about every little thing, and my friend said – “This isn’t a business review Morgan …” and I didn’t really get what that meant at the time … And then sitting there at Tony’s event, hearing Tony talk … and … BAM! It all made sense.

And here is the beauty of it all – Power House lost her seriouspants once I changed her intention to that of growth and contribution instead of the need to prove I am significant! And what has been bred, at an even higher level than anything I have ever experienced EVER before in my entire life, is an epic momentum in tandem with complete in the flow euphoric bliss and ease in all areas of my life.

My challenge to you is this …

Ask Yourself – Who is running the show for each area of my life? If I could make some player changes to the roster, and shift people to new positions, what would be the most epic layout possible to get me what my soul is yearning and craving for in each area of my life?

ESY Challenge – Then make those swaps at the forefront of your mind so that you can make the changes necessary to get what you want!!!!


Please feel free to share this with your peeps, and comment with your questions and or takeaways below! Would love to share the journey with you!!

In Gratitude, and Infinite Love…



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Overwhlem and Resistance can be a real son of a bitch.

When I rolled out my newsletter I promised it was “Epic” and “Sexy” and that my peeps were going to learn how to create their very own Epic and Sexy Life as a result of being on board this ESY Newsletter Rocket to the Moon… and then NADA. Zip. Zero. Zelch.

I dug deep inside and asked myself “WTF is going on?!” And sure, I had a long list of excuses that came to mind that could answer why I was not making this a top priority – I’ve been prepping for retreats and events… Costa Rica, Tulum Mexico, South Africa, Toronto, Chicago…. I am Writing a book. I’ve been Connecting with and enjoying my soul sister friends and enjoying the company of the love of my life. I’ve been spending solo time with yours truly and experiencing some good ole self lovin’ like doing my nails, getting a massage, yoga, meditation, etc.

And if I am being REALLY honest with myself… there are many procrastination activities that I’ve been actively participating in…. …A love affair with Netflix. Staring at the ceiling. A new procrastination activity that I uncovered today… napping. Sure, I enjoy a good nap every now and then, but come on, WTH?! This particular one was literally JUST a resistance nap. It is so incredibly bizarre. It’s those moments where you know that you are doing something that is completely self-sabotaging behavior and you can’t even stop yourself. It happens to us all, and it is infuriating!!!

As I was asking myself what the hell was wrong with me, the first thing that came to mind is – “well shit Morgan, writing is vulnerable as hell!” Followed by an intuitive download that I received that was a reminder of a quote I truly believe in in every fiber of my being to be true, which is that “the more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel” – Steven Pressfield, Do the Work. And then the epiphany sunk in – writing must be tied to something SUPER important to my soul’s destiny, because I am not often met with this much resistance about anything!!! Which immediately lead me to my GAME ON attitude. (OK, well if I am being honest, first it was a nap… and THEN it was game on. (Don’t judge me! Haha)


And this leads me to my code breaking download for the day: What if your overwhelm and your resistance is your exact clue that you are on the edge of something AMAZING. Something EPIC. Something LIFE ALTERING! Something MIND BLOWING!!!! But your current pattern is to shy away from it. Your current pattern is to let the overwhelm and resistance stop you dead in your tracks… Well, what if there was a way to break free from these patterns and step into the beautiful rewards that await you?…..




  1. IDENTIFY IT. ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Ask yourself – Where am I experiencing resistance in my life? How is it showing up? What is it holding me back from?

What if this resistance meant that that exact thing… that very single thing…What if once you do that thing, that your life will be sustainably changed forever, and you will unlock an epic code in your own life that will send your trajectory skyrocketing?!


What is the BEST case scenario if you do that very thing?! Give yourself permission to dream, go wild, have fun. Be playful, get grand with your vision, hell you can meet Oprah if you want to! OK OK that last part is MY dream, but it can be yours too! There is enough Oprah love to go around people!!! She is Oprah for God sake! DREAM BIG DAMNIT!

  1. LEAN INTO IT. DO IT. DO THAT VERY THING. Honestly this is where I lose a lot of people. They are all, “yea, if it was that easy I would already be doing it!!!!” I swear, when some people come at me with this it is as if they are about to turn into a huge green hulk of a monster with all of the rage behind their frustrated proclamation. And that rage and frustration makes perfect sense, because somewhere along the way they have developed a pattern that is prevented them from the habit of “doing”.

So let’s look at the 7 most common pattern breaks that you can play with in an effort to actually DO that thing.

  1. THINK SMALLER. You may be at the bottom of the massive mountain, staring at the top of it, instead of looking your feet and determining one step at a time. “It” whatever “it” is, is quite possibly too large of a thing to be done in one sitting, and so you are experiencing the “why bother” or the “I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome. If “it” can’t possibly be done in one day then break “it” down into something more digestible. Something smaller. Something that does not max out your attention span. For example – What is something that you can do in 30 minutes or less that would make you feel like you are moving one step closer to “it”?
  2. ONE THING AT A TIME!!! Just focus on: One foot in front of the other – One step at a time. For example – Each morning when you wake up, ask yourself – what is ONE thing that I can do today that will allow me to move one step closer to completing “it”. And then do that thing. Remember – 30 minutes or less, or shit, even 15 minutes if that means that is your maxed out attention span. And you can develop and strengthen your attention span like you can a muscle in the body. So if your span is short now, over time you can increase it to 20 mins, then 25, 30, etc. Don’t limit yourself to a locked in identity. That will just keep you in the exact same place you are now, with the exact same patterns, and the exact same undesired results.
  3. TRY A NEW APPROACH. One of the most common approaches that I see people try, (myself included), is committing to a chunk of time on their calendar to do “it”, and then using that time to do something else. Or for a lot of people I notice that they don’t allocate a particular time of day at all. They just say I’ll do it on Sunday. Or I’ll do it on Sunday night. And then Sunday comes and goes, and “it” was never done. Some people pick a time and day, but something always comes up at that time. Look at what your common patterns are. For example, ask yourself – What are the most common approaches that I am trying that are not working for me? What are the most common excuses that I am utilizing? What are the patterns that I can see myself repeating that are yielding undesirable outcomes? What is a NEW approach that I can try? What are the best times of day for me to do “it”? What are the worst times of day for me to do “it”? What can I change in my environment to set myself up for success to actually get “it” done?   As my boy Emerson says – “All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” When you experiment you learn. When you try new things you see what works for you and what doesn’t. You grow. You get new information that can help you crack your own codes, find your missing pieces, get answers to questions that have been plaguing you for years, break your old patterns, and create a life you love! So get “try” happy! Try new ways of doing “it”. If you don’t, I can promise you that years will go by and you will be in the exact same situation, with the exact same patterns and habits, and the exact same undesired results.
  4. REMOVE OBSTACLES. Ask yourself – What are the most common procrastination activities that I am participating in and how can I eliminate them? For example – When I first went full time with my business I noticed that I would sit in front of the tv and just get sucked in, watching God knows what for HOURS. It became very clear to me that I was using it as a procrastination activity to masterfully avoid being productive. Which was wildly opposing to my desire to get shit done and create a thriving empire. So, I called and broke up with my cable provider. They didn’t understand – “It’s not you, it’s me” I tried telling them over and over.  Eventually, after their stalkerish behavior – the calls, the letters, the non stop pursuits, the constant tantilizing offers to get me back… I was strong, and have been tv free ever since.  Well, that is until my love affair with Netflix.  Damn you Netflix.  I might have to reevaluate that relationship at some point in the near future too. As you can see this step requires being incredibly honest with yourself, constantly checking in with yourself, calling Bullshit on yourself when need be, and the courage to DO something about whatever it is that is getting in your way of the things you truly desire!  The key to pattern breaking is in the action of doing.
  5. CREATE A HABIT OUT OF “IT”. Make “it” a daily integration of your life. Maybe even just start with 15 minutes a day dedicated to “it”. And the cool thing is, even if “it” is a project that will come to a completion or an end at some point – with a finished masterpiece to show for all of your hard work – you will have created a habit of ACTION. And a HABIT OF ACTION is hands down one of the most powerful game changers of all time. So, if you have an “it” that comes to an end, just replace “it” with another “it.” And so on and so on. REPEAT.
  6. FINISH ONE STEP BEFORE STARTING THE NEXT. Make it a habit to stick with ONE THING at a time and FINISH IT. If you constantly change your one thing, if you never finish what you start, you will never move forward.  And without forward momentum you will always feel stuck!  ALWAYS.  It’s about ensuring that you are always moving forward, and always completing pieces so that you can build upon them with the next piece, instead of just having a ton of half done pieces around you and BAM you’re back in stuckville!
  7. SOMETIMES GOOD ENOUGH IS GOOD ENOUGH. “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” – Voltaire. It’s better to deliver something good, than to never deliver anything at all because you are waiting for perfect (which never comes.) And eventually, with the habit of breaking free from perfection, your versions of “good” get better and better.  For example – The layout of this very page is a hot damn mess!  I am well aware.  If you are on a laptop or desktop device you will see the newsletter sign up on the right hand side all squished and jumbled.  And no matter what device you are reading this blog post on, there is an obnoxiously large text that is after this post that invites you to subscribe to the blog so you always get posts directly to your inbox!  Here is the thing… I HATE the look and feel.  And I know some thaaangs need to be changed.  But I am not even actually sure HOW to change them just yet because someone else set them up.  So… I can either NOT post and wait until this page is perfect… or, I can post as is, and figure it out later.  Since waiting for perfection that never comes is something I am most definitely working on breaking free from in my own resistance pattern blocks, I just hit post and called it a day.  I am a work in progress, we all are.  And these posts, my website, my newsletters, they all could be better and so I will continue to make small incremental shifts of one good enough after another, until it’s all pretty damn great! And then I will find something else to improve on, to grow, to stretch, to uplevel, and so on and so forth until I take my last breath!


Let me be crystal clear, so as not to have your head spinning, where you go even more intensely in a state of overwhelm, and to prevent you from turning into the Hulk (because let’s face it that look is not sexy on anyone)….

Here is how you can actually use these key 7 pattern breaking pieces above:

Ask yourself – Which of these is the piece of the puzzle that is going to be the most impactful for where I am at right now in my own journey of resistance?

And then play with that ONE piece!! Have fun with it! Keep it at the very forefront of your mind all day every day. Own it. Play with ONE piece at a time!!! Get good at that ONE piece and then try adding another piece to your puzzle!!!!   For example – Right now I’ve noticed that I need to finish one “it” before going to the next. Do you know how many half written code breaking downloads that I have for all of you?! But then I break another pattern, I crack another code and get busy writing on that instead of completing the first! Also, I need to face the vulnerability and fears of  something just being “good enough” as opposed to waiting for perfection.  I need to let it rip, imperfections and all – post it, share it, and allow all of you epic sexy souls access to the growth and expansion that my clients and I have been able to experience as a result of these code breaking pattern shattering insights that have been revealed to me!

I invite you to share your journey! What is working? Where are you still stuck? I am here to help! Feel free to reach out to me!  Leave a comment below or you can email me at epicsexyyou@gmail.com

Share this link with friends and family that you notice are facing their own levels of resistance and overwhelm! Help your loved ones take their power back and push through to reap the rewards that are waiting for them on the other side!!!

Now go show those undesired patterns whose BOSS!!!

I was sitting with a girlfriend the other day and she was talking about a guy who keeps asking her out and it was driving her crazy. The truth is he is a total hottie, and she used to have a HUGE thing for him in college, but after the reconnect all these years later, she just isn’t that into him!   He is literally offering her all expense paid trips in an effort to try and spend time with her and she is annoyed that he just can’t get the damn hint that no means no buddy! So we explored a bit further….


The convo went a little somethin’ like this…


Me – “Have you told him that you’re not interested?

Her – “Not exactly.”

Me – “What exactly have you told him?”

Her – “Well I never make time for him, I always give him excuses why I am never free, and I told him a while back that I was too busy to date because of moving and work, and now that work has died down and the move is over he has resurfaced, and I keep telling him that his offer of a trip is too much for me to accept…”

Me – “Right, so you would like him to get the hint? Read between the lines? Read your mind?”

Her – “haha, yes. Ugh why can’t he just get that I am not that into him. It’s so annoying.”

Me – “haha, sounds like until you actually say what you really mean that you are just going to be subjecting yourself to unnecessary turmoil!”

Her – “I know!!! I just don’t want to hurt his feelings! And besides what would I even say?!”

Me – “It sounds like you might already be hurting his feelings by stringing him along…”

Her – “Yea, I know. UGH. I guess I could say that I am not looking to date right now…”

Me – “Is that what you really mean?”

Her – “No. But that will at least not hurt his feelings as much.”

Me – “So what if he shows back up later asking – ‘is now a good time? How about now?!’…. Because it sounds like you already tried that before with him and he has resurfaced seeing if now is a good time…”

Her – “This is awful.”

Me – “I know – It sounds like what you really mean to say is ‘I’m just not interested’, period.



This is INCREDIBLY common! Where we feel we are being polite by not telling others what we REALLY mean but in all actuality we are just causing them and ourselves unnecessary turmoil!



The “Say What you REALLY Mean” Game…

As an example – I was sitting on a plane recently, on my way back from Mexico. It was close to a 4 hour flight, and I was soooooo excited to relax and do whatever my little heart desired! Maybe read a bit, take a little nappy poo, watch a movie, whateves! And the guy sitting next to me was a total Chatty Cathy… I was reading my book and he kept chatting away, asking me qs. Literally, I was buried in my book…. and the guy kept on going and going and going… I was answering him with one word answers… all the while I was SCREAMING inside my head for him to STOP! I recognized my passive aggressive behavior immediately and started walking myself through this formula and decided to share this with you in hopes that you can be proactive in stopping the unnecessary turmoil in your own life too! 🙂


Play with this formula as a game for exploring saying what you REALLY mean to say!

#1. Ask yourself – If there were no consequences and no judgment of yourself, what is it that you would actually like to say? Think about it and / or write out every single thing you are REALLY thinking! Do NOT hold back!! The only person who will know what you are REALLY thinking is YOU, and the sooner you can stop judging how you REALLY feel, the sooner you can be liberated and set FREE! No one else is ever even going to see this list that you make, (you can even burn it later if you want to!) so just be BRUTALLY honest with yourself! Think about it, if you cannot be brutally honest with yourself, how the hell are you ever going to be able to be honest with others and / or get what you want?!


i.e. in the case of the guy on the plane I was thinking to myself…

– ummm seriously dude, read my F’in* social cues!

– How the f* are you not understanding that I do NOT want to talk to you when I sending you the F* off signals – I have my face buried in a book and I keep giving you dirty looks when you interrupt my reading! Yes, I am being passive aggressive, but RAAAR!!!


– SHUT IT. SHUT UP. Put a cork in it! STOP TALKING! Go to sleep! PIPE DOWN!!!


#2. Then ask yourself…

A. What is the behavior that the person is doing that you would like them to stop? 

(To be clear – this is NOT about controlling another person, because that is impossible, you can only do YOU!  This is about saying what you REALLY mean, and a piece of the puzzle is expressing what you want, which you can find through looking first at what you do NOT want to happen anymore so that you can flip it into a want!  This is all about you finding your own truths, and has nothing to do with them!  We are just exploring playfully here with this process!)


B. What is your IDEAL situation? This doesn’t even have to be what you believe is even possible – Use the straight up magic wand and unicorn imaginative desire here and just have fun and play with it….


i.e with my airplane guy…..


Stop talking.

Leave me alone.



– I wish… That he would read my mind. (Yes, I am aware that is going to be on most of our lists. We would all love it if others were mind readers!  It would make things sooo much easier, right?! 😆 )

– I wish…That he would leave me alone so that I can read my book peacefully, and guilt free….

– I wish…That David Blaine was on this flight and would make this guy disappear…

– I wish… That I had a time machine and I could pick a different seat so that he wasn’t sitting in my row…

– I wish…That there was a magical fairy that sprinkled sleepy dust on him so that we would fall peacefully asleep… for the ENTIRE flight…



You get the idea…


#3. And finally… Play with all the possibilities that you could actually say out loud that would be –

  • Direct
  • To the point,
  • Crystal clear
  • And get your point across of exactly what you DO want to have happen.

Oh and don’t forget the most important part of this step… Call yourself out on your bullshit when you have a cop out answer and you aren’t saying what you REALLY mean to say!


Ex. I could have actually said to the guy on the plane…

  • …Nothing and hoped he would eventually get the point! (Had to call myself out on my BULLSHIT on this one, this is not direct, and I would not even be saying a damn word, try again! NEXT!)
  • I could have said…I am sorry, I am just tired… (Which would have been a half truth, I was a bit tired, but I do not apologize for how I feel – not to be confused with apologizing when I am in the wrong on something, which I will own my own shit for sure – yet apologizing for how I FEEL, just in the mere attempt to not hurt someone else’s feelings, well that would have been going against my truth of being unapologetically ME! It would be more damaging to ME to put his feelings above my own – Something that is sooo common, and holds us back from the most epic existence imaginable!)
  • I could have said….I’m sorry, I’m not much of a talker….(BS! I am not sorry, and I am sooo a talker! I just don’t feel like talking right now… Sooo try again!!)



i.e. What I actually ended up saying to the gentlemen was…

“I need to catch up on work.” And then went right back to reading my book.

And if I am being honest with myself that was probably even a bit of a cop out! Because then I felt guilty when I put my work down a couple hours later and wanted to watch a movie! And the very second that I put my book down, his energy peaked right up and you could tell he wanted to engage in convo. After all, I was now taking a break from my work which was the very reason that I gave him for not speaking to him earlier. SIGH. This is incredibly common! Most people believe what you TELL them, (aka NOT mind readers) and that is why it is SO important to say what you REALLY mean, or you will continue to be bothered when YOU have the power to prevent that from happening in the first place! The guilt I started to experience for wanting to watch a movie, AND the fact that his energy peaked back up to the point where I could blatantly tell that he was thinking it was now time to talk, were both my clues to myself that I wasn’t 100% honest when I said what I said. I did NOT say what I REALLY meant.  (It is NOT about them, it’s about YOU. It’s about being true to YOU and saying what you REALLY mean!) The truth is I didn’t feel like chatting! And I probably could have just said… something like… “You know, I’ve been around people all week, and just craving some me time to read and relax!”   Or even more simply– “I’m not really in the mood to chat!” Easier said than done, and easier to see in retrospect, I am well aware!  Yet, even the reflection of this process has allowed me to see how I can be even more authentic next go round!


Then beware of the guilt trip and manipulation trap!!!

i.e His response to me when I said that I need to catch up on work – “Oh, I am so sorry, I know I keep bothering you, I will stop bothering you now…” UGH. TRAP! And my response – “Thanks!”And then I went right back to reading!  I am well aware that he was fishing for a response that most others often respond to such a comment with… something like “you’re not bothering me!” or “It’s not you, it’s me”, etc. (All the things we have been conditioned to respond to such a trap with so as not to hurt someone else feelings, even if that means that we have to sacrifice ourselves in the process.) But I can read energy peeps, and trust me when I say that that would have launched me right into a full blown convo with this guy, AND the truth was that he was bothering me, and so I held my ground and stayed true to myself, and did NOT allow guilt to make me jump into an obligatory response to make him feel better and sacrifice my own peaceful 4 hour plane ride that I was craving


This is one of the hardest parts – avoiding the trap! And some of you are even reading this and thinking “how could she be so cold?!”… “That poor guy…” lol, and THAT my friends, is precisely what is holding you back from being set FREE!  Why is it that we believe that we should sacrifice our own wants and needs in order to prevent hurting someone else’s feelings?!  It is NOT about him. Who cares if this person, who you will never see again, doesn’t like you, or thinks that you are cold? If you walk around your entire life caring what others think about you, playing by everyone else’s rules, doing what you think you “should” do… you will end up being one super depleted, exhausted, unhappy person. Trust me, I KNOW! I have been there, done that, and I am NOT going back!


Trust me when I say that once you play with this game and this formula long enough, you’ll see that what I did was NOT cold, it is being unapologetically YOU, which is liberating and sets you FREE!


Experiment with it, play with it, and see what works for YOU!

Oh and PS – If there are super deep life long patterns that you are trying to break – i.e. saying what you really mean to say to family members, or a long term friend, or a long term lover – Take your time!  Do it on YOUR terms!  If you aren’t sure what you want to say, or how you want to say it, and if being around them is just making you go kray kray… give yourself permission to take a break, find your truths, so that you can eventually say what you REALLY mean to say instead of being stuck in a perpetual cycle of unhealthy codependent patterns – aka the hamster wheel of hell!  So as you play with this game, if you find it easier to start with strangers and work your way up to those closest to you, do your thaaang! haha!  The guilt and manipulation traps are the most intense with those who have known you the longest!  They know exactly what to say to really stick it to you, what buttons to push to make you doubt yourself and question your truths, and how to leave your brain on a broken record of an all consuming replay loop!  Often times people have a hard time hearing your truths when you have never practiced sharing them with them before, especially when your truths are that they are hurting you and that you will no longer tolerate their toxic behavior – Which is likely to rock their boat since that will require change and who the hell likes change?! RIGHT?!! So just know that if you are met with some epic resistance on their end, it’s normal, and all part of the journey!


Sending you vibes of love, light, laughter, endless epic adventures, feeling super sexy swagalicious, and being fierce, fab, and free!


If you have any questions, or need anything at all do not hesitate to reach out!  I am here to help you crack the codes of your own plaguing patterns that get in the way of you being a you that you love being, and creating a life that you LOOOVE living!! 🙂 





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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not if you uncover EPIC adventures that should be shared with the adventurous souls of the world who are looking for something fun and different to do the next time they go to Vegas!

This trip really taught me something majorly EPIC…. When everyone is going one direction, look the other way to see what everyone is missing out on…

Sure, you could go to Vegas and do what everyone else is doing…  You can gamble. You can drink so much that your face melts off (been there done that – I once had such an experience in Vegas in my younger years, and trust me when I say that getting onto a plane and going over the mountains, experiencing turbulence, when you are hung-over… fun times? I think not my friends!)

So yes, drinking and gambling, hitting the night clubs, wandering the strip… these are all fun things that you can do when you go to a place like Vegas – The same exact things that every other soul there is doing….


OR… you can look in the other direction and see what everyone is missing out on by going with the crowd!!!

For example…

Did you know that you can do Yoga with the dolphins at the Mirage? Yea, it’s sick. Definitely the coolest yoga class that I have ever experienced. Essentially it’s like YOU are the one on display for the dolphins to watch. You are their entertainment. It’s AAAAMazing. Like unreal. EPIC.  And the dolphins are so incredibly happy to be there watching you play, and then they start playing too, all the while you are taking a yoga class!! WHAT?  YEA. It’s AWESOME! And you are in the Mirage’s Secret Garden before anyone else is allowed in the park, so after yoga class you go upstairs to see the dolphins above water and they follow you, relaxed and not over stimulated yet from a day full of people, noise, and the whole to do that happens once it’s open to the public. It’s $50 per person – Which includes, yoga with the dolphins, snacks from the spa, all0day access to the spa, and a smoothie afterwards. Lesson learned – Next time – Bring my swimsuit and take advantage of their amazing spa!!!! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and worth every penny! It was beyond what I even expected that it could be!

Dolphin Yoga Adventure Dolphin Adventures Yoga with the Dolphins

And when the Secret Garden did open back up to the public, we went back to see the wild and exotic animals that shared their home with the dolphins – Lions, Tigers, Leopards… I must say, that I have a VERY hard time seeing such beautiful animals in such a small space, and I was just lost in the adoration and respect for such beautiful and fierce beings.

Wild Vegas Animal Adventure

Another sweet adventure thaaang that you can do while you are in Vegas – An Epic Grand Canyon Adventure. First, a limo picks you up from your hotel. BALLER. Takes you to the helipcopter pad. SO COOL. You take a beautiful ride over the Grand Canyon, you land in a serene beautiful location, you have a quick pre-prepped meal, and you head back to the helicopter pad, not before taking a quick tour over the strip to see it from a whole new perspective.

Here is what I wish I had known that they (Sundance) didn’t quite make clear – (just in case you decide to do this AMAZING once in a lifetime kind of experience that I totally recommend)… 1. You do not have the limo ride to yourself… It was kind of a bummer as I had this idea in my head of jamming to some epic tunes on our way to the helicopter pad and having a dance party with my bestie! (Let’s just say the peeps we shared the ride with were not down for our idea, so we had a more awkward jamming and dance party nonetheless, with some awkward onlookers lol) So, just prepare the brain for a uniting with other souls in the limo ride there and back, and be open to connecting with and meeting some new peeps along your journey! 2. If you have dietary restrictions, be crystal clear and triple check. Yes I do realize this may not apply to everyone, as I am like a walking allergy bubble so I just say this for my fellow highly sensitive souls, triple check that they hook you up, AND bring some of your own food and water just in case! 3. If you are prone to getting motion sick – wear motion sick bands, and/or possibly take something for it as this is something I did not plan ahead for, and thank God my sister friend who did! 4. You will be sharing the helicopter ride with other peeps too, and so if you would like the chance to sit in front at least once, then speak up! My life’s motto – Don’t ask, don’t get! Really though, all seats in the helicopter offer Epic views.

The views of the canyon that you can get from the helicopter ride will be burned into your brain forever, and it was such a magical experience! So glad that we did it!!

Luxury Limo
Helicopter Tour

Grand canyon retreat grand canyon view
Grand Canyon Adventure Retreat Grand Canyon Tour

ZIPLINE!!! Oh man, super man zipline flying over Old Vegas, yes please!!!!! Slotzilla’s hipline is AMAZING, and I TOTALLY recommend it if you like adventure!! The line moves fast, and it’s totally worth the wait!

Las Vegas Zipline

Shows – We bought a hotel package that had a deal where we got free tickets to “La Reve – The Dream” at the Wynn – WOWZERS! I cannot believe how incredibly beautiful, moving, exhilarating, colorful, and BOLD, the show was! Next time I plan a Vegas adventure, I will MOST DEF be booking more shows, at least one per night while I am there, because they are quite mind-blowing, and I wish we had seen even more!

La Reve Vegas Night Life La Reve Vegas La Reve

As I was experiencing these adventures I couldn’t help but think, OH MAN, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE BEFORE???!!! What an AWESOME way to experience Vegas, and in a completely different way than anything I’ve ever heard of before!!! Yet everyone else goes to vegas and does the same ol’ thangs – basically drinking and gambling! When there is SOOOO much more potential and I just had to share these new options of experiences with the world!!!!

I will leave you with this little nugget of inspiration and an offering of a new paradigm for you the next time you are somewhere and you see everyone moving in the same direction….

When I was on the plane ride heading towards Vegas, it was a 4.5 hour flight, and there would be times that the line to the bathroom was about 15 people deep.  (Stay with me here, there is a life altering point I’m about to share if you are open to it….) At one point I noticed the line kept growing, one after the next people kept getting in line for the bathroom at the back of the plane. So, I looked the other direction to see what everyone else was missing out on… And I noticed that in the front of the plane, there was another bathroom, with NO LINE. And I asked myself why is it that no one is going up to use that bathroom? Yes, sure it’s technically physically located “IN” first class, but who ever said it was for “JUST” first class passengers? And, I’m not exactly an ask for permission kind of gal. Sure, I could have followed the crowd and got in line and waited for 15 people to go before me, OR… I could go to the front, walk straight through first class like I belonged there, and use that bathroom – no lines, no waiting, no asking for permission, just DOING it, and seeing what happens.

Sure enough, I walked up there, with everyone looking at me like I was kray kray being that I was going in the opposite direction of everyone else… (These looks are something that I am incredibly used to by now in my life since I tend to go the opposite direction more often than not…) I pushed open the curtain, that which was the physical and mental barrier keeping everyone out of the first class bathroom…  I went right into the bathroom, locked it, did my thang, and came out, like a BOSS. (Take it easy, it was a #1 kind of thing…)

Guess what happened when everyone saw me walk back to my seat, including the people who were still in line waiting their turn in the back with now only 14 people in front of them instead of 15…. One or two people decided to go the way I had just paved. It’s funny, you would think there would be more, but there weren’t. It’s easy to follow the crowd. Yet it’s more fun to create your own path, to think outside the box, to look in the opposite direction to see what everyone else is missing, and to be the leader to help others see that at least there ARE other options should you decide to push past perceived limitations and the mental and physical barriers that keep you from going in the opposite direction of the crowd.

If you ask for permission you might get a No. (Not to be confused with my “don’t ask don’t get” motto … which is more for when you are in a situation to ask for what you want.. “I’d like to sit upfront, how can we make that happen?”, or.. “Do you happen to have any complimentary upgrades?” Or… “What are the possibilities that you have a beach front room that no one is using that will be super lonely if I don’t sleep in it tonight? I’d love to help make your beachfront rooms happy! I’m totally willing to make that sacrifice for a free room change to help you out!” etc.  It’s like one of my fave Oprah quotes that I live by – “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”.) Whereas, in a situation where you may get a no if you ask for it – like, “excuse me, would it be OK for me to use that bathroom up there in first class?” – yet you aren’t causing any real harm to anyone or anything if you go to that bathroom, and maybe it’s just some stupid “rule” someone made that YOU don’t agree with in the first place, and / or maybe it’s even just a perceived “rule” that everyone seems to be following but it isn’t actually even a real rule in the first place….

Here is the deal – Make up your own rules, DO it, and see what happens…. Ask for forgiveness, not permission. I’m not saying break the law… I’m just saying, think outside the box next time, and look in the opposite direction the crowd is going to see what others might be missing by following the herd!!!

Safe travels! Happy adventures to you all! And go forth and experience your very own EPIC adventures everywhere you go!!!



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