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Recently I recorded a video from Austin, Texas, where I was working with one of my clients! I talk about returning to my room to find a little goodie bag from the hotel!

It got me thinking …

Being Our Best Selves

We come to the table as our best selves at the beginning of so many things!

When we start a brand new relationship, we really woo the person and we put a lot of energy and work into it. When we take the dive into working out, we really go full into it when we have a goal for our body. We think hard about nourishing our bodies in a way that will give us optimal results physically. We customize our workouts and make sure we’re investing in ourselves and going to the gym or the yoga studio.

We do the same thing with our careers! When we get a new job or promotion, we put a lot of time and energy into it!

That changes when we’ve been somewhere for a long time! Maybe if we’ve been with the same company for 10 or 15 years, you don’t have that same excitement you once did.

What if …

So it got me thinking. First, what if more hotels did something like this? How would you feel if you stayed at a hotel that had been open for 20 years and they still worked hard to get your business? How incredible would that be?

What if after being with someone romantically for three years, you work just as hard (or harder) to make sure they feel loved and appreciated as you did when you first started dating? You could do the same with your body or your career — put the same amount of energy and investment and excitement into it that you did in the beginning.

How would things be different?

My Challenge for You!

Think of an area in your life you feel you could be putting more energy and investment. It could be a relationship, your career, your health … whatever! The key is to think of something you once put in a ton of energy to achieve fantastic results.

How could you achieve those results again? You could go back to being in love with the person you’re with or being in love with the career you’re working.

Don’t blame the other person or your employer! Take your power back! What if it’s you? What if you could put in even more energy to get back to the place you once were physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?

I want you to get on that and report back! What results can you see after one week? One month?

You’ve got this!


In Gratitude, and Infinite Light & Love…



I think you might like this! It’s an interview I did recently with Luke Carignan, a guy who just left the corporate world and started his own business!

There are lots of awesome paradigm shifts that we discuss on this call, and you’ll hear insights to a mind of someone who is relentless and has a unique perspective of “failure” that leaves him constantly swimming in a whole world of Epic success!

My dream was to start something that’s my own. I live life by the motto of doing things that other people wouldn’t dare to do and making it make sense for a client. – Luke Carignan

It’s 50 mins, so maybe you can listen to it during a commute or somethin’! 🙂

(The quality of the call is kind of crappy at the beginning, but I promise you it gets better, and there are some golden nuggets of – Insights, Inspiration, Positivity, Paradigm Shifting, Possibilitarian SoulStorming, and so much more!!!

Listen to this Epic Sexy Soul Interview to hear a Luke making his very own Epic Sexy moves and how he is turning his dreams into reality!!!)

As promised, I will keep on delivering some good ol’ Code Breaking – Breakthroughs and the How Tos – in an effort to help YOU break patterns, find YOU missing pieces, and create YOUR very own Epic Sexy Life that you absolutely LOVE living!!

In Gratitude, and Limitless Love…

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Earlier this month I spent an average of 16 hours per day for 4 days straight with the Legendary Tony Robbins and his crew. Let me just tell you – this fucking guy is the real deal!!! I have never had the privilege to meet and be in the presence of someone who has touched that many lives and is that grounded, humble, and truly grateful for everything he has experienced on his journey. To say it was “refreshing” is an understatement.

Here are 6 Code Breaking Re-Frame Tips I unlocked when I was at the event and I wanted to share them with you so that you can uplevel your life too!!! WOOO! Get it!! (#6 is a BIGEE!!!)


There were close to 8,000 people in the room. Every person who I had the pleasure of connecting with had clearly come there to change their life. They all wanted more! Holy shit! This scale and magnitude of impact, energetic heights, and sheer numbers of individuals was MIND BLOWING – EIGHT THOUSAND PEOPLE – all in one room, who were playing full out, for 16 hours per day, for FOUR DAYS straight, and literally giving it ALL they had!!

Seriously at one point, in the middle of a guided meditation/hypnotherapy-like exercise about dispelling limiting beliefs that hold you back from the very things that you want … I was curled up in fetal position BAWLING my eyes out on the floor, nose running, super ugly face crying, SCREAMING, and hearing EIGHT THOUSAND other people do the very same thing!

Q. Explore the areas of your life – love, health, career, friendships, family relationships, personal growth and development, etc – Where are you playing in your comfort zone? Where are you holding back? What would it look like if you played FULL OUT? And how would your life be different as a result of doing that?

Ask yourself – What is ONE thing, that if I did that ONE thing, that I KNOW it would change my life? (You’ll know when you’ve landed on that thing because you don’t even want to say it out loud because you don’t want to be held accountable to it.)

ESY Challenge – Go tell someone about that ^ ONE thing ^ so that you will actually be more likely to DO IT!

2. Push Yourself Beyond Your Own Perceived Limits:

During the weekend, just when you think you have passed the point beyond exhaustion, you are literally shutting down, eyes closing involuntarily … then out of nowhere – BAM! You’re dancing for an hour straight without even realizing it and you’re on the best high of all time!

Oh – and while we were there … we walked on fire. Yea. And it didn’t even hurt. I know, it sounds CRAZY, but it’s true!

Day one – We walked on coals. Yes, this was BADASS. I can now say I walked on fire. I am a Firewalker! But trust me when I tell you that that was the least of the epicness of the weekend. Yea. Hard to believe, right?!

It was like attending years of therapy in four days, AND being at the most fucking epic live music concert of all time, all the while surrounded by the most fucking epic community of souls!

Q. What are some limits that you have unconsciously created for yourself? Explore each… Physical limits? Mental Limits? Emotional limits?

Ask Yourself – How can I push myself just that one extra step than usually every single time?!

ESY Challenge – Make a habit of action where you always take just one extra step that you would typically do and see how life changing that is!!! Just ONE extra step every single time will rock your work and elevate you to new heights.

3. Whatever You Do, Make Sure it Feeds Your Soul!!!!

This man is a gazillionaire (yes I realize I made that word up, stay with me here) … the man owns an ISLAND for fucksake. Yea, he is that kind of wealthy … And as he is on stage he reminds us – “I do this not because I have to but because I CAN.” AKA — He could retire. He could stop and just enjoy his life and every generation of his family that follows would be all set. He could even just work with his one-on-one clients, which he charges $1M per year, and he could let his endless empires just run themselves, and he would have endless financial abundance! But he does his tours and events still because he clearly LOVES it, and it Feeds his soul!

Q. What are you doing daily that feeds your soul? If your job doesn’t feed your soul – the job that you spend more awake time than any other thing you do in your life – If you are doing that job because you feel like you “have to”… Well my friend, then it’s going to be a long, hard, draining, quite exhausting existence!

Ask yourself – If money and time were endlessly abundant, what would I LOVE to do with my life?! What does my soul CRAVE?

ESY Challenge – Write down whatever comes up, and then figure out a way to incorporate those things in your day to day so you can reenergize your life!!!

4. Always Stretch Yourself to Have a Beginner’s Mind!

To be honest with you, I almost didn’t go. My brother kept insisting that it would be “life changing!” And yet, as I listened to him talk about his experience, nothing he was saying sounded like new insights for me. I have certifications in Life Coaching, Yoga, and Nutrition. I spend all day every day immersed in my own business of helping women break their patterns, find their missing pieces, get answers to questions that have been plaguing them for years! And I live, eat, breath, and sleep all things pattern breaking, human psychology, life coaching, nutrition, yoga, etc. and so, I hate to admit it, but I was thinking – What more could I get from an event like this that I don’t already know?

And truth be told, when I got there I realized that I had heard this content before, but it was wildly different hearing it from this legendary man himself. I had more epiphanies in a four-day time frame than I could even keep up with! 100 on a 10 scale of WOW factor. While I was there I immediately signed up for several of his programs because you bet your ass I am going to sharpen the hell out of my saw, master the shit out of my craft, and learn as much as I possibly can from this journey so that I can share the insights with my own clients so that they can uplevel their lives in epic ways too and be the BEST damn coach in the entire universe!

Q. If you are radically honest with yourself, where in your own life are you a bit close-minded? Where do you feel like, “oh I already know this shit”, and so you haven’t been giving your full attention to being fully present and engaged in those moments? You haven’t even been listening?! Who haven’t you been taking the time to listen to?

ESY Challenge – In each moment where you catch yourself not being fully present because you feel like you already know what is being discussed – Ask yourself – What could I learn from this? How can I gain new knowledge from this situation, or this person? How can I leverage the power of repetition to hear the same things over and over again and learn a new nugget of gold each time?

(Before I started running my own retreats I used to work on a team that hosted retreats lead by a world-renowned coach, and I would hear the same concepts over and over multiple times per year and yet I listened intently each time and got new nuggets of gold every single time! Think about how this may be true in your own life, and how much faster you can get where you want to go if you always bring a beginner’s mind with you every single place you go! And into all relationships that you are in!

What if the other person’s perspective and knowledge can help you expedite your own journey! Even when we see what we don’t like, we are still learning and growing!) And include a healthy balance of what can I SHARE with others that I already know? Teaching others what you know ingrains it into the fiber of your being even more. Shit, that’s a pretty damn great reason to share if you can’t think of any other reason to do so – WIN WIN! WINNING!

5. Unleash Your Inner Child!

At the conclusion of Tony’s part of the program, he unleashes his inner child as he pulls out super soakers and starts to spray the audience. The entire room went crazy, people were spraying their water bottles in the air, soaking the people around them, everyone engaging in play with this epic fearless leader on the stage before us!

Q. How do you unleash your inner child?! How do you honor that playful, fun, and completely carefree inner child that just wants to come out and play?! How often do you let them come out? And how would life be different if you could let them out more frequently?

Ask yourself – If I listened to my inner child, with NO judgment, what is it telling / has it been telling me for years that I would like to do?

ESY Challenge – And then figure out a way to incorporate those things into your day to day existence! Life is supposed to be FUN damnit!!! FUN I say!!! FUUUUNNNNN!!! WOOO!!!

And here was one of my biggest takeaways that I would like to share with you in the hope that you can get something from it too…

6. Make Sure You Are Consciously Assigning Each of Your Personalities a Role in Each Area Of Your Life!

OK, I am going to get a little vulnerable and personal here for a minute…

As Tony explained this concept – that we all have multiple personalities, and that we need to consciously assign them to areas of out lives or we will unconsciously be sabotaging ourselves – I realized the following about myself …

Somewhere along the way, my crazy, sexy, fun, wild, playful, careless and free me decided to become the CEO of my business. For a long time this version of me was actually the one fully present in my relationship, which is what made it so much FUN and enjoyable for so long!! And somewhere along the way my Power House version of me – The kickass, unstoppable, get shit done, conquer the world, get results, make shit happen, create your own destiny, can make anything and everything she desires come intro fruition … yea, that girl took over the relationship. OY VEY! And thank God I came to this realization now before too much damage and destruction was caused!

What I realized was that the Power House version of me is the one I had blamed for a lot of unwanted negative shit that went down in the past. Like for example, when she was in charge of the career she worked me to death. Literally, I was fucking exhausted all day every day.

To say that I was “burned out” is an understatement. Sure, she kicked major ass – one promotion after the next, climbing the corporate ladder, money GALORE – we are talking big time money bucks McGee – but I was never happy. No time for anything other than making shit happen! I was a workaholic for YEARS! And here is what I realized… She was chasing the wrong thing. She was chasing the need to be significant. To PROVE herself to the world! To BE somebody!! To make up for the lack and emptiness that she felt inside. And as long as that is her build in my life.

And so, I was afraid to put her back in the game.

As you can imagine though, that awesome ninja warrior goddess does not settle for the role of sitting on the bench, so she put herself back in the game in an area that I hadn’t intentionally blocked her from – i.e. my relationship.

So through this newfound awareness, I decided to make an immediate swap!

Power House is now the CEO of Epic Sexy You. With one life-altering shift that is the biggest game changer of all time – I gave her a new intention – Growth AND Contribution. She is chasing growth and leaving a legacy of contribution everywhere she goes. She is honestly the most powerful force I have ever encountered, and the very second that I made that shift for her, she was off to the races. I unleash her now in coaching sessions and at the events I host, and let me tell you she is a beast of epic proportions chasing the life changing transformations for herself and for every single soul she encounters.

And then she got even STRONGER. It unlocked something that had always been there that I just hadn’t ever allowed to be front and center – My energy reading capabilities SKYROCKETED and my ability to receive spiritual intuitive downloads became even more effortless than anything I had every experienced before. It’s almost overwhelming the amount that comes through now! Like I opened a portal. Or rather blew one open with a massive stick of dynamite! This is the most FUN I have ever had playing with my spiritual gifts!

And then there was the previous CEO – Miss crazy, sexy, fun, wild, playful, careless and free me, and she was all, “oooooo PUHHLLEEEEEZE put me back in the relationship, that area of your life was sooooo much more fun when I was there!” So I did. And BAM! Back to a FUN, in the flow, completely immersed in the moment and joys of connection and love and bliss and adventure and everything but Seriouspants McGee business shit! And it was as simple as that. Back to Euphoric Bliss.

I remember talking to one of my friends about a month ago where I was feeling the shift to a less fun relationship and I could feel myself getting all serious about every little thing, and my friend said – “This isn’t a business review Morgan …” and I didn’t really get what that meant at the time … And then sitting there at Tony’s event, hearing Tony talk … and … BAM! It all made sense.

And here is the beauty of it all – Power House lost her seriouspants once I changed her intention to that of growth and contribution instead of the need to prove I am significant! And what has been bred, at an even higher level than anything I have ever experienced EVER before in my entire life, is an epic momentum in tandem with complete in the flow euphoric bliss and ease in all areas of my life.

My challenge to you is this …

Ask Yourself – Who is running the show for each area of my life? If I could make some player changes to the roster, and shift people to new positions, what would be the most epic layout possible to get me what my soul is yearning and craving for in each area of my life?

ESY Challenge – Then make those swaps at the forefront of your mind so that you can make the changes necessary to get what you want!!!!


Please feel free to share this with your peeps, and comment with your questions and or takeaways below! Would love to share the journey with you!!

In Gratitude, and Infinite Love…



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M & N 6izzy passed out

BE Fearless – Track Your Progress –

Progress makes you fearless if you intentionally track it and put all of your focus, energy, and attention on what you’ve overcome as you move forward on your journey.

If you don’t take time to sit down and track your growth and progress, than more than likely you’ll fall into the category of those individuals who always focus on how much further they have to go and then are left overwhelmed with no end in sight. There is an alternative. There are those that always look at how far they’ve come – which fuels them to keep going because they’ve got benchmarks of tangible reference points that show themselves how far they’ve come and what is actually possible to accomplish in very short periods of time when you get out of your own way. The most powerful paradigm shifts happen when accomplishing the things that at one point in time people thought would never even be on the spectrum of possibilities for themselves.

When I was younger I was a gymnast, literally defying gravity every single day. I was constantly learning new things and growing my skill every single day. It was a boundless outlet for expression of growth and progress in which I was able to push past perceived barriers daily and expand my mental capacities for endless possibilities. I was completely, utterly, and totally fearless as an athlete and in everything I approached in my every day life.

Often I was told it “should” take at least a month to learn a particular trick and instead I’d learn it in a couple of hours or a couple of days. That was because I had a proven track record of instances where I had disregarded so many of the “shoulds” that everyone else lived their lives’ constrained by, even within the art of gymnastics, that I learned at an incredibly young age that others were most often wrong, and that the standards that others had for their own life and their own limits were incredibly low and narrow, and as a competitive and fearless gymnast I daily lived outside of those limitations. The more someone told me that I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” or put any kind of their own limiting beliefs on me, the more I was fueled to prove them wrong, and was successful in doing so every single time. I cannot recall a single limiting belief that others had that was helpful or right.

This is probably something that many adults who were once child athletes will have experienced as well. Yet at some point, unless you are still devoted to the crafts that you once did as a child, we lose these powerful outlets and we start to lose the strength of the fearless muscle. It weans, our fearlessness becomes weak, frail, and /or non-existent, and we start to live in the confines of societies and “others” limitations for what is possible for us. This is such bullshit, and yet we buy into it and we just accept the mediocrity that is our own life, and the lives of those around us. It’s all because we don’t intentionally and consciously exercise our fearlessness muscle that allows us to unlock the cage of mediocrity and brake free from its confining and toxic cell.

I recently stumbled upon a new outlet that has allowed me to defy my own perceived limitations and reawaken this old fearless beast that has been sitting on the sidelines for years waiting for me to ask it to come out and play. And now it is in full force in a majorly Epic way.

I share this with you in hopes that each of you can find your own outlet so that we can all live lives that we are passionately invigorated by, which have boundless possibilities, and endless amounts of vigor, intention, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, bliss, and pure joy!

Let me preface this by just saying candidly… I have fucking hated running pretty much my entire life.  One day recently a girlfriend of mine asked me to do a “fun run” with her. Those two words were not ever something that I would have ever put together or correlate as even remotely synonymous. Running was the farthest thing from “fun” that I could possibly think of.  Hell would have to freeze over and pigs would have to fly in order for me to run, let alone “just for fun”.  

Just to paint a crystal clear picture here… I’m not even sure I’d have even considered running for my life. Like, if a volcano had erupted and I’d have to run for miles to escape the molten hot lava, more than likely I’d just be like, “damn, I’m fucked” and that’d be the end of that.

I happened to say yes to said friend. I am not sure why exactly. At that moment I was definitely questioning my sanity. Nonetheless I said yes to the so-called “fun run” and signed up for it with her. Anyone who knows me knows that “fun” is something that I have mastered. Golden. Check that box. Got it. Which meant that now I needed to work on the “run” part – which I had never worked on, ever, like never, as in the last time I could ever even remember running a mile was when I was in grade school and we had those presidential tests and we were forced to run the mile. Keyword “FORCED”.

So my friend and I scheduled a day to run for a bit to work up to being able to do the 5K we had signed up for. On the actual day of our first exploratory prep “run”, my mind rushed with excuses to get out of this commitment. I even tried talking my friend out of her even wanting to run. I offered many other things that we could do that were more synonymous with “fun”, like yoga, walking, going out to a nice dinner, staying in and having a good heart to heart chat, hanging out with her son, going dancing, playing Frisbee… pretty much anything but running…

After no such luck at Jedi mind tricks, I was left with only one option – To run. I am not sure that I would call what I did on that given day “running” per say – It was a lot of walking fast, body aching, panting, trying to keep up, and cursing. LOTS of cursing. (Also, lots of questioning how important this friendship was to me, because maybe I was going to have to avoid her for the rest of my life, and that would potentially put our friendship in jeopardy.)

Looking back, I think that I was able to run a quarter mile straight at max, and I think this may even be being generous, before having to stop and needing to “walk it off”. And to be honest with you, the only reason I was even able to go that far was because I am a stubborn son of a bitch with a shit ton of pride, and my ego was trying to keep up with my friend. So, the quarter mile metric was literally me killing myself, with the ego in the driver’s seat. I knew I needed to be able to build up to our “fun run” so that I wasn’t a complete hot mess of a dead weight on the day of the event, so we kept meeting at the track to run/walk/jog/pant/curse/question the friendship, etc.

The first “fun run” was, not going to lie, a real son of a bitch. I took a LOT of breaks, I walked a LOT, and I was HURTING. But the experience of it was actually quite fun. We played in mud. (I am all about new experiences and the thought of playing in mud made the little girl inside of me so incredibly giddy.   I never miss an opportunity to re-parent that little girl and give her anything and everything that she wants, and more than likely that was why I said yes in the first place. Yes to the little girl inside of me, even when the adult me was like… “wait a second, can we talk about this…” I tend to tell the adult voice to kick rocks, since that tends to be the voice that delivers the most limitations, and also the little girl me has never steered me wrong – She just wants to play, and who couldn’t use more play in their life?!) Anyways, after that first “fun run” I now had a benchmark of how I felt, how long it took me, what I would have like to do better next time, and what I would need to work on in order to make the progress that I was know seeking. (And since I had the benchmark of the quarter mile from day one, I knew anything past that would be progress.)

I was hooked and I signed up for another “fun run.”

In the process of getting ready for the next one something happened that I never thought in a million years would ever happen. Like, not even if I had a gun to my head would I have ever thought that this would happen… I had a little craving to run… and ended up hitting the track solo. WTF. Who am I?! It was crazy. I had officially lost my mind! People who know me also know that I know crazy, which I might argue could also be synonymous with “fun” at times, so I was totally intrigued and along for the ride!

The day that I hit the track solo I ran an entire mile straight without stopping. It was the first time I had ever done that on my own accord, ever, in my entire life.  And running it on my own accord, it was, dare I say… FUN!!!!  A fucking blast actually! Not the running part per-say, (I’m still a work in progress on that), but the fact that I pushed myself farther than I ever expected to go – the world didn’t come to an end, my body didn’t give up on me, I didn’t break anything, and actually I could have probably ran even further but decided to give myself the gift of celebrating the mile for the day, being super fucking proud of myself, and leave additional growth and progress to track for another day.  Also, on that day it’s important to note that there was a new driver in the driver’s seat. The little girl had opened the driver’s side door, yanked ego out of its throne, and took over.

The day of the second “fun run” I ended up running the full 5K. Granted there was a fun obstacle at every quarter mile that gave me a little breather in between, but I ran the entire thing. It blew my mind how resilient the body is and how the mind gets in the way.

I now go to the track several times a week because I crave running and the high that I get as I push through the perceived barriers and constricting limits that I had once put on myself. I now run 1.5 miles straight without stopping and intentionally incrementally grow it by a quarter mile every single time I am ready to push through to the next level. I have even started to bring my dog with me and I am quickly realizing just how neglected she too has been all of these years.   She is a Boston Terrier and therefore an incredibly speedy little being, but after just a couple of laps she was wiped out, and couldn’t keep up. So now we have something we can do together where I get to bond with her, give her the love, respect, attention, and workout that she needs, and all the while giving myself an outlet to change my life forever and destroy barriers and limitations so that I can continuously reach higher heights and tell people to take their own “shoulds” and “cant’s” and stick it where the sun don’t shine. (The picture above is of my dog, Izzy, from a couple hours after we got home from our first run – She didn’t move for hours, and even as I stood there above her and called her name she didn’t move a single muscle. She looked as if she had been shot and left for dead. Haha.)

So, you many be asking, HOW do I replicate this in my own life? Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Here’s HOW:

First of all – Say YES. To yourself. To things that you thought you would never do. To challenges that are put in front of you. Try new things. Experiment. Play. Similar to the fact that taste buds evolve and change as you get older, where you find yourself eating something that you once tried when you were younger, you hated it, and yet here you are now as an adult all these years later and you find that you are absolutely delighted by it’s taste.

Be open to new experiences – Try things even when your mind digs into the archives of the past and concludes that you that you don’t like them because you didn’t like them 5 years ago, or 10 years ago, or 20+ years ago… you get the idea. Worst case scenario, you won’t like it and then you don’t continue to do it, and maybe wait a few more years to try it again just for shits and giggles. But then you will KNOW what you like and don’t like based on the you of the here and now.  

Just think – What are you missing out on if you are basing your tastes, and your likes and dislikes, on an old version of you instead of this new and evolved version of you whose tastes very well could have changed? Try something new! Experiment with your life! Find out what YOU really like. What feels good to YOU. Let go of limiting beliefs. Explore. Play!

Second – 28 Day Challenge to track your progress and break through your own perceived limiting barriers –

  1. Pick an activity that you can do for the next 28 days.  Something that you can measure and record exactly where you are at on day one. And something that has tangible and measurable tracking variables for capturing progress and growth incrementally every single day.  

Examples –

  • A foreign language – tracking words learned or sentences compiled, conversations you can have, etc.
  • Running – tracking the distance you can run on day one without stopping, how you feel, what your breathing is like, what is going through your mind as you run, etc.
  • Yoga – How many poses you can do, which ones you can and can’t do, which ones are easy, which ones are difficult, how often you take a break during class, how your body feels during class and after, etc.
  • Swimming – How many laps can you do without stopping? How do you feel while you are swimming? Which strokes can you do? Which ones are easier and which ones are more difficult? Which one do you want to focus on getting better at? Etc.
  1. Do that thing for 28 days.
  1. Track your progress daily.
  1. Review ALL of your progress daily and celebrate your growth. (i.e. on day 10, look back to where you were at day 1.) It’s not about the miles you could be running, or the millions of words you have left to learn of a new language that should be your focus – With purpose, consciousness and attention – focus on the words that you HAVE learned, and the miles that you HAVE run. Focus on the progress and growth, and always look back at how far you have come!

Stop using others as your benchmark for how far you have come and or how far along you “should be” at a given point. Use yourself as a benchmark for growth and progress. Meet yourself where YOU are at, grow from there, and celebrate and acknowledge the beauty that is found in your own progress!

Finally – SHARE!

Let us know what your 28 day challenge unveils! Share your story with us, so that you can help light the path for others as well! Looking forward to hearing about your AHAs!

Life coaching changes the fiber of your being to the point where you can forever and sustainably alter your life to create one that you absolutely love living, stepping into a you that is one that you absolutely love being, and forever leaving mediocrity in the dust.

If you like what you read here – Check out my other blog that is the journey of an actual coaching client of mine who has transformed her life in huge ways, filling it with epic adventures, and looking and feeling sexy for the first time in her life!

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