Hello there you EPIC SEXY SOUL!!!!! 


LOVE THIS!!! Just received an email from Danielle LaPorte with:

“Michael Franti — for a prayer:

     Here’s what my mama said
     Do it for the love, not for the money
     Not for the guns and not for the honeys
     Do it ‘cause it makes you feel alive
     Like the way we rockin’ on Saturday night
     Do it for the love of it, do it for the smell of it
     Do it for the joy and the taste and the hell of it
     Do it ‘cause you love it and it makes no sense
     Not yens or euros or dollars or cents”

I could not agree with this more!!  YES YES YES!! Do it all to to FEEL ALIVE! Do it all for the JOY! Just do what FEEDS YOUR SOUL, and everything else falls into place!!! Story of my life!!

I know, I know, WAY easier said then done, but I can assure you, as I am LIVING PROOF, that it IS possible, that you CAN break free from the fear that holds you back from your wildest dreams, that you CAN create a life that you absolutely LOVE living, filled with endless adventures, feeling ALIVE every single day, with an overwhelming abundance of things to be grateful for surrounding you at all times, where you bring the best version of you everywhere you go, where you embrace the unknown, where you approach all “problems” and “challenges” as an exciting opportunity to learn, grow, and focus all of your time and energy strategizing on all the endless possibilities of solutions to solve the complex puzzles that life delivers in just the right time to be the best blessings and gifts that will be precisely what you need for the next step on your journey, AND of course to look and FEEL SEXY while doing it all!

When times get hard – breathe, relax, tap into your heart space and intuition, and trust the journey.  It’s plan for you always trumps your own plan.  The best things in life that happen to us are often times the things that we didn’t see coming.  The hardest times that we face in life are to build strength for us to share our own light with the world, they are necessary for us to become smarter, stronger, and more resilient.  They are a GIFT if you choose to let them be so.  Even the worst things in life can be the very things that help navigate us to the who that we were put here to be so that we can make this world a better place.  

One such guy is one I have recently started following – Louis Howes. He stumbled across my Instagram page and started following me, so I checked his page out and this man is most def an EPIC and BRILLIANT Soul!  Def part of the ESY tribe of individuals who are defying limitations, creating a life they LOVE living, THRIVING all day every day, enjoying endless adventures, and from the looks of things he is looking and feeling sexy in his own skin!  EpicSexyBadass for sure! 🙂

I got an email from Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project, another EpicSexySoul, with some info and an interview on Lewis Howes that I thought I would share with each of you to get your own daily dose of inspiration!!! Inspiration ahead!!! 🙂 

Lewis Howes is a radiant, towering hulk of a human being. Driven, energized, magnetic and successful. I’ve known Lewis for a number of years now and consider him a good friend.

When he came to me earlier this year to share a dark, incredibly-painful secret from his childhood, I was floored. Did not see it coming. He’d been living with the pain and deep trauma of sexual abuse for decades. At the hands of another man, though he was just a boy.

When he told me, a few months after, that he wanted to “go public” in an effort to help others who’d been through the same thing, I was hesitant.

I didn’t know how people might take it, or mis-attribute any unfounded motivations. But he was determined to make it happen and asking me to help guide the conversation. I knew how important it would be to create a “safe container,” so I said yes.

The conversation that unfolded was incredibly raw, real, vulnerable and powerful on so many levels. He recently shared it with his community, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Check it out here or on iTunes now. – Jonathan Fields.” 


As always… Sending Light, Love, Laughter, Joy, Bliss, Overflowing Abundance, Happiness, Inner Peace, Endless Adventures, some SEXY Swag, and an EPIC Existence your way!!! xoxo, Morgan

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