In June of 2014 I did what most of us would call “taking a leap of faith.”  I like to call it “betting on ME”.  I put in my notice at work – I started the convo with something most corporate employers don’t often hear… I said, “I have been doing some soul searching…” and then I quit my lucrative full time job so that I could give every ounce of my being to the very thing that was calling to me and feeds my soul beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before – My Life Coaching business.  I live, eat, breathe, and sleep my passion every single moment of every single day and I could not be more in love with this business and the life that I have created. And I am going to share with you something simple that will help YOU do the same thing for yourself!!!

In the past year I have built a thriving business, AND I have created a life where I often am all “PINCH ME!!!  AM I DREAMING?! AHHH I LOOOOOVE LIFE!!!!” 

I also fell madly deeply in love with an amazing man, fell even more in love with myself, traveled the globe, met sooooo many Epic Sexy Souls, and had more Epic Adventures and FUN than I ever even thought possible!!!! 

And I would like YOU to be able to intentionally create this kind of life for yourself too, by living life on purpose and setting an intention…

In June of 2014 I set an Intention – My number one focus was to fill my life with endless adventures! To make it the most fun year of my life! My mantra became – Just have FUN!!!! Every single thing I did I asked myself – “Is this going to be fun?”  And if the answer was “No”, then I didn’t do it!  And I was ALWAYS on the hunt for FUN!  More FUN!  MORE FUN! One of my lives mottos “If it’s not fun, why do it?!” And as a result, I had the most fun year of my entire life!!!!

This video is what the year of “Fill My Life with Endless Adventures and be on the Hunt for FUN” looked like – 

When I hit the one year mark, I decided to reevaluate for a new intention and after looking at what I wanted to feel more of this year, to be more of, to experience more of, to achieve more of, and to take my life to new heights, I realized that the mantra that was going to suit me best to get me what my soul was craving was – “PLAY FULL OUT”.  And OMG has that already created an epic uplevel and a massive shift in my energy and intentional and purposeful decisions and actions that I have taken in even just the few months it’s been since I set this new intention.

Every single decision that I make, I ask myself – “Am I playing full out?”  If the answer is No, than I challenge myself to think bigger and stretch myself beyond any zone I’ve ever played in!  If the answer is Yes, and there is resistance to it (i.e when I asked myself if going to Fiji, for a retreat to be a participant for my own growth evolution and expansion, was playing full out and the answer was a resounding YES, but then I realized it was going to be right after I hosted an Epic Sexy Adventure Retreat, I’d be away from home for almost a month, AND it would be 30 hours of travel door to door… I was met with such an Epic resistance from myself to go… so I decided to lean into that resistance, and that because I was giving myself a ton of “I can’ts” that Fiji was now an “I must” for me, and I felt that I’d come out the other end a stronger, smarter, and more enlightened being – And I most certainly did! Not to mention with some new soul connections and friends for life!!!)

Here are some things that have happened in just the past few months since I have intentionally created this new primary question for myself as my numero uno intention for living life on purpose and creating the life of my dreams… PLAYING FULL OUT….

I hosted an Epic Sexy Adventure Retreat in Mexico…

yoga retreat mexico
We swam with whale sharks…

whale shark tour mexico whale shark tour

We zip lined over the jungle…

ziplne jungle mexico adventure retreat

We road ATVs in the mud…

 ATV Mud Adventure Retreat

We climbed wobbly tall poles, one higher than the next, and then we took the leap of faith from the highest step…

life coach

We got our rock climbing on…

We climbed bridges in the tree tops…

We became a human roller coaster (most EPIC roller coaster ride of all time!)…

human roller coaster mexico

We flew in a Super Man fashion over the jungle…

zipline jungle

We got our pamper on and treated ourselves to massages and body scrubs…

papmer retreat

Then I went to Fiji and…

Fiji Island Life

I rode some incredibly powerful and beautiful horses…

horesback riding fiji

I rode a jet ski in the waters surrounding the island of Fiji…

I went water-skiing…

I jumped on a trampoline in the ocean and challenged myself  to revisit my younger years as a gymnast and getting my flips on…

paddle-boarded for the first time in my life!

I went snorkeling…

fiji Snorkel

I went scuba diving for the first time in my life…

I volunteered to go first to climb a single pole, several stories high, and then jumped off that bad boy, came down and helped coach everyone else how to overcome their fears, and climb to the top to experience the victory that was rightfully theirs…

life coaching pole

I met the most amazing souls and kindred spirits, and now have a massive amount of new friends for life!

 fiji adventure retreat

I wrote a book (coming soon – It’s in the editing process as of next week – waiting for Mercury in Retrograde to end so we can get this editing par-tay started!  WOOO!!) – Teaser, here is the Titile: Epic Sexy Self LoveThe Kickass Thrival Guide to The Ultimate Love Affair

I won the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup!!! I said yes to playing the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup!!!  Out of over 16 years of IPEC Life Coaching Certification graduates, I was among the 300 coaches that were nominated to play in the cup, and over the course of 4 months we Played Full Out, had an absolute blast, I learned a TON about my own self mastery as well as taking my coaching mastery to the next level, I fell even more in love with the IPEC coaching program, their employees, and the entire community of coaches, and then I took home the Trophy and won the whole thaang!

I went on a family adventure to South Carolina…

south carolina adventure south carolina adventure

I threw an unleash your inner child, reverse aging, par-tay on the same playground that I went to elementary school!

happiness project Life coaching kickball

Oh, and I turned 33 in September and I can feel this is going to be the absolute BEST year of my entire life! (Only to be trumped by next year, and the year after that… and you get my drift!)

thrive coach

All of this in just the past 4 months, all because I have one constant question / mantra on my mind – “Am I playing full out?!” /  “PLAY FULL OUT!” / “What are ALL the ways that I can Play Full Out?!!” / “How can I raise my bar even higher and push myself even further to play full out?! WOO!!!!  This is all on a replay loop all day every day!!!!

Now, most importantly….

Let’s look at how you can create YOUR own BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!

Below, I have shared the answers that came up for me that led me to my mantra so you could see how I came to mine, and hopefully that helps you come up with your own!!  Take out a pen and paper, and write down what comes up for you!

Ask yourself:

What do I want to feel more of this year? (ex. even more love for myself, even more love for and with my man, more love with my family and especially figuring out how to take my relationship with my mother to a whole new level than anything we have ever experienced before, more alive, more carefree, more euphoria, more bliss, more unconditional love…)

What do I want to BE more of? (ex. sculpted like a piece of art work, even more ignited, more fearless, more powerful, more loving, more playful…)

What do I want to experience more of? (ex. more exhilaration, more self mastery, more adventures, more travels, see even more of the world, connect with more kindred souls, find more of my tribe, more exhilaration, more time outside of my already expansive “comfort zone”, more time with self love activities and loving myself up in relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, spoiling…)

What do I want to achieve more of? (ex. Take my business to the next level, to touch more lives, push myself beyond any zone I have ever experienced in my entire life, to take my body to the next level, to take my relationships to the next level, more financial mastery, more coaching mastery, more self mastery, learn grow and expand…)

What would I like to do to take my life to new heights? (ex. stretch myself beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before, do more speaking engagements so that I can touch more lives and spread the love light and joy that I emanate, say yes ONLY when it is a HELL YES, and only do the things that are moving me forward towards my souls fulfillment to spread ignition in peoples souls like wildfire so that when I leave this place it is brighter than what any of us can even fathom right now…)

I realized that the mantra that was going to suit me best, to get me what my soul was craving, was – “Play Full Out!” and constantly asking myself – “Am I playing full out?!” /  “What are ALL the ways that I can Play Full Out?!!” / “How can I raise my bar even higher and push myself even further to Play FULL Out?!  Wooo!!!!

What is your Mantra / Your new primary question?!

Share with us!  And then share this with your friends, fam, coworkers, loved ones, so they can experience their own Epic Sexy uplevel too!!!

In Gratitude and Infinite Love….. 



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  1. Marty

    This is Marty from Fiji!
    What an inspiration you are , I am amazed by all you do! Anyone who connects with you will be raised to a new level as I was!
    Thanks for being a superstar badass!
    All the best

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