Dayuuummm is this Life Coaches Coaching and Training Program POWERFUL!!!


If you are currently a Life Coach, or if you are feeling pulled to step into your light and leave your legacy imprint on the world as a Life Coach, and you are an intuitive lightworker warrior goddess of light, then you do NOT want to miss this and HOLY WOWZERS is this program for you!!! 


This program is a learn by DOING program. So whether you are already coaching and wanting to take your game to the next level, or whether you’ve already been certified and haven’t taken the leap to start working with paying clients, or if you only have a handful of paying clients and you want more, or even if you have legit Zero training but your soul is calling you into being a Life Coach, then this program is for YOU!!!

WHEN: October 16th – January 8th 

We kickoff this epic Intuitive Life Coaches partaaay on October 16th.

First Live Call, Tuesday October 16th at 10:00 AM CST / 11:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM MST, and 8:00 AM PST.

All Calls are on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM CST / 11:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM MST, and 8:00 AM PST and 4 PM UK.  Please book an hour and a half for all calls. We may not need the full hour and a half for the calls but would rather have the time booked just in case we need it! 😉

Please note that if you are unable to make this time slot for any reason you can still be an active participate in this program by watching the live calls as recordings at any time of your convenience each week. You will still have full access to partner assignments for peer coaching, feedback from me on recorded calls that you submit each week, and access to write in with Qs and requests for content for the content library based on the coach skills and energetic business development that you are curious to explore further. 

Dates to Book on your Calendar:

Tuesday October 16th, Tuesday October 23rd, Tuesday October 30th, Tuesday November 13th, Tuesday November 20th, Tuesday November 27th, Tuesday December 11th, Tuesday December 18th, Tuesday January 8th


You are either already a Life Coach and / or you have been looking to become a Life Coach and you are craving to learn epic skills and energetic business development specifically custom for Intuitive Life Coaches, Empaths, Lightworkers, Healers, and the gifted souls who came here to leave epic imprints on the world! You are ready to take the epic leap into a whole new stratosphere!!

Pre Req – You must be willing to take the action as guided by the program to take on at least 3 (new) paying clients during this training and practice all of the skills with your clients and your practice coaching sessions with your partnered coaches from the program.  (I will guide you through the steps on HOW to do this piece, I just need you to commit to being all in on pulling through the action steps required to take on at least 3 paying clients during this program.)



Group Coaching Program for Intuitive Life Coaches.

This is a custom group program covering Life Coaching skills and energetic business development skills for Intuitive Life Coaches! It is going to be HELLA DOPE! WOOOO! SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!

At some point this program will be strictly DIY yet for now you will be among the lucky few who are going to get the hands on experience and access to hands on group coaching for this journey of epic expansion.


9 pre-recorded calls that you will watch before each live group zoom call. The pre recorded calls contain the skill development and energetic business development content that we will play with each week and are on average about an hour and a half. When you watch the recordings make sure to take inventory of your Qs so that you are ready to rock to ask Qs and do group exploration and coaching around the content of the pre-recorded calls for our live calls together.

9 live group zoom calls where you can ask your Qs live or email them in beforehand to be discussed explored and answered on the live calls and or to be used to create additional content for the Q&A Library.

You will have access to the Q&A library that already has video content answering Qs from past program participants.

You will be paired with other coaches in the program to do weekly coaching calls to do HANDS ON coaching practice of the skills and content that we are playing with each week!!!

AND… Customized feedback on weekly coaching calls that you submit to me that meet the feedback requirements.

Let me repeat that gem because this is a GAME CHANGER!!  I will personally listen to your calls and give you feedback! Legit live feedback from another Intuitive Life Coach who has been coaching for YEARS, I do this full time, I have created a THIRIVNG business, I have been around the block and back, AND I can channel your spirit guides AND I can see your super powers and mirror all of that yum back to you along with sharing insights of areas of opportunities for growth and any and all blocks that I see. WHAT?  HELL YES! This piece alone makes the program pay for itself!!!

This is a completely unique hands on digging in deep approach that will allow for you to ask Qs every step of the way from which custom content will be created for the Q&A library that you will have access to as we continue to craft a bomb ass program from the ground up that can be used to serve more individuals in the future.  That being said please note that in being a participant in this program you are agreeing to all elements of the program to be recorded and utilized for future coaching students who enroll to learn from the yumminess that we work on together in this program! 😉 And that means that for the entire duration of our time together you are going to get some YUMMY next level upgrades to take you and your clients to the next level!!!

12 weeks. October November and December. 9 Live Zoom calls. (See WHEN section for dates and times and thaangs! WOO!) Additional content and videos will be created in a library for you according to what additional pieces reveal themselves as common elements tools skills and resources that will benefit the entire community that you will have access to throughout the journey.  

By enrolling in the program you agree to attend all Live calls (and/or watch the recordings each week at your convenience) and you agree to schedule at least 1 practice coaching call per week with your assigned practice partner(s). You will also listen back to your own calls and harvest all the yummy lessons insights feedback and growth opportunities that you see and you will select a 15 minute window for me to listen to for each of the calls every week and I will provide you with your own custom feedback and insights on how to take your skillz to the next stratosphere! WOO!  

Spots are limited. Sign up now to get your spot and LET’s ROCK!!!



This is to take your coaching game to the next level, sharpen your skills, take your business game up a notch, and get a whole lot of yummy connection and community while doing it!!

You will get to share the journey with other intuitive life coaches, have these coaches in your inner circle as a resource of knowledge and experience and accountability and inspiration and so much more!

And this is also for your Ninja Mind!!! WOOO!  As an entrepreneur your Ninja Mind (that mind chatter that sooo desperately wants to keep you small and super comfy), it wants you to believe that you are not enough. And that mind chatter will keep you convinced that what you should be working on is your website and business cards instead of what REALLY MATTERS – Which is Coaching, Practice, Inviting, Skill Development, Energetic and Intention Alignment, and Coaching Development – All the thaaangs we will be doing together! WOOOO!  And also, the ninja mind will want you to believe there is ONE WAY, a RIGHT way, and that all other ways are wrong. And that is soooo not true! There are so many ways that you can help others transform their life and it really comes down to you having a sacred community to practice different ways that allow you to embrace your own soul gifts in your own unique one of a kind coaching practice!

It’s time! Lets make this happen!!!  Let me know you want in and I will get you the Program Agreement to sign along with the payment information so you can pay and get this partaaay started!  


Say YES to yourself. Say YES to your visions and dreams. Say YES to your magic and your soul creations. Mmmm. Say YES!



Option 1: Program as a stand alone =



Option 2: Program and 1 Private* 45 minute One on One Coaching Session per month for 3 months =



Option 3: Program and 2 Private* 45 minute One on One Coaching Sessions per month for 3 month =


*Please Note: All Live Calls are done in group format.  Qs are sent via email and or asked on live group calls and either answered live or content is created to address those Qs with some As for the library.  And feedback for your calls will be done in writing and sent to you via email. So if you would like any one on one private sessions, then Options 2 or 3 would be the best option to rock with. To be crystal clear – Qs that are emailed in will not be responded to directly but rather will be used to create videos for the Q&A library 😉


“Wow! An intense all encompassing Coaching Program! Whether you are new to coaching or experienced you will learn and experience more than you ever thought.  I loved the group training and interaction with everyone.   Not only will you be a better coach for your clients; you will discover so much about your self. Morgan’s presentation and individual feedback was enlightening and thought provoking. I continue to go back through my notes and videos.

Best coaching program!”

JoAnn Smith Brown

“If everything in your brain is saying “NOOOO! you don’t need to do a coaching program” then this is for YOU! here’s the deal. Your mind will convince you that you’re not worthy of epic-ness and will make you believe that you can’t possibly be a good coach and that’s true, with Morgan, you won’t be a good coach, you’ll be an AMAZING Coach. With the Intuitive Coaching Program you’ll gain the confidence to listen that inner voice that knows there’s so much more and knows you’re damn Great and if you’re committed, get ready to growth quantum leaps.”

Diana Hernandez

“When I signed up for Morgan’s coaching program I was already certified as a life coach but had many doubts and fears surrounding whether or not I actually knew what I was doing.  Morgan’s program was exactly what I needed to practice my skills in a safe, non-judgmental environment while receiving feedback, practical tools and opportunities to reach beyond my comfort zone. By the end of the 3-month program, I felt confident in my abilities to coach in a way that could’ve taken years. I’ve studied and followed quite a few coaches in the past few years, and I consider Morgan to be one of the absolute best in this field.

What I particularly appreciate about Morgan and her coaching style is how she fully and unapologetically stands in her own power, while refusing to take anyone else’s power from them. This means you will be challenged to think for yourself, to figure stuff out for yourself, as she will give you guidance and not answers. and you might not always like that, but on the other side of your challenges, you get to discover new levels of your own power. And that’s priceless.

I’m forever grateful for coming across Morgan and her work, for Morgan being Morgan, doing her thing her way, living her dream life, inspiring others on her path to step further into their own power, their own joy and bliss, their own version of their own happy, fulfilled dream life. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the process and skills of a powerful life coach.”

Sivan Katz

“The Epic Sexy You Life Coaching Program is the most fun, accessible, and deep program out there for BOTH budding and established coaches. It’s basically an incubator that helps you fast track growing your coaching business while also giving you a powerful foundation of the coaching skills you need in order to confidently and courageously serve your existing and prospective clients. I had already been coaching full time for a year when I did the program and I still learned so much! I became a better coach AND got to see my practice bloom even more because of the depth of Morgan’s content and guidance. I highly recommend it to any coach who wants to grow their business and become better at what they are being called to offer others in this lifetime!!!”

Theora Moench

“Are you up for an adventure? 

Work with Morgan, she will change your life. She is a Super Women. Yeah, she has Super Powers!! She will unleash her magic and empower you to set free the Goddess in you. She is loving, energetic, and unapologetic.

Want to become a coach? This program is for you. Want to change your career? This program is for you. Not sure about your future? This program is for you. This program will bring clarity to your life and empower you to take action to achieve your heart’s desires. You will learn valuable skills that can be apply in all areas of your life.

And as an extra bonus, connect with amazing woman who will support you and celebrate you.

Thank you Morgan for sharing so much love and light with the world!!! You are a gift to us all !”

Anny Lopez

“Before starting the coaching program, although I was a self-titled coach, I don’t think I really actually understood what coaching is.  The program completely changed the game and was like a turbo charge button for both my life and my business – not only did I get to experientially learn what coaching is (and define it for myself through my own experience), but I also got to be coached in different styles multiple times a week, which really helped me pick and choose which coaching styles I excel in receiving, and which coaching styles I excel in giving.  Plus – I’m still friends with all of my coaching partners from the program.  

Another amazing part of the program is that it totally normalizes all of the fears, doubts, and processes of trial and error that come up when you start a coaching business because you’re actively going through this process alongside other people who entirely understand the wild and creative ride that is entrepreneurship.  

Morgan is an absolute sparkly, delightful, and inspiring powerhouse and, through the coaching program and my one on one work with her, has helped me see the tools I already have to forge my own way, personally and business-wise, and have some goddamn fun every step of the way. If it weren’t for this program, I honestly feel like I probably would have given up on my dream of starting a coaching business before I had even begun, so I’m really grateful that I found Morgan, this opportunity, and the tribe of dope individuals her work attracts. So!!  In short, I cannot recommend the coaching program (and signing up to work with Morgan in any way) enough. You’ll learn what coaching is for yourself through hands-on and heart-on experience, receive some DOPE coaching from your peers, learn which coaching styles light you up, find a group of likeminded people and entrepreneurs who will hold you accountable to growth, make friends all around the world…and it will be fucking EPIC.”

Cora Boyd

This journey together is a catalyst for ACTION and ABUNDANCE.  It is an opportunity to say YES to yourself and to your soul gifts and to activate a whole new layer and level of what is possible for you and the world as you share your gifts with others via the conduit of coaching. This is for you if you are ready to take your game to a whole new dimension and stratosphere


If this program is your jam email me NOW to set up a time in the next week or two to connect and explore!!!

Email me now at and let me know that you are interested in connecting about the Life Coaches Program and I will email back options of times that I am available in the next week or two and we will pick a time together and get our soul jam sisterhood connect on! WOOO! Can’t wait!!!

If you do not hear back from me in 48 hours please double check to ensure that there were no email addy typos when sending to

SOOOO Excited to get to connect with you SOON! WOOO!


Create an EPIC life that you LOVE living – Where you pinch yourself because it is so F’n AWESOME that you wonder if it is even real.


Create sustainable SEXINESS once and for all! – From the inside out! Destroy doubt and replace it with EPIC, Sexy Confidence.


Be an Unapologetic YOU! Focus your energy and your creativity on what YOU want, and create the life YOU want to live.