I think you might like this! It’s an interview I did recently with Luke Carignan, a guy who just left the corporate world and started his own business!

There are lots of awesome paradigm shifts that we discuss on this call, and you’ll hear insights to a mind of someone who is relentless and has a unique perspective of “failure” that leaves him constantly swimming in a whole world of Epic success!

My dream was to start something that’s my own. I live life by the motto of doing things that other people wouldn’t dare to do and making it make sense for a client. – Luke Carignan

It’s 50 mins, so maybe you can listen to it during a commute or somethin’! 🙂

(The quality of the call is kind of crappy at the beginning, but I promise you it gets better, and there are some golden nuggets of – Insights, Inspiration, Positivity, Paradigm Shifting, Possibilitarian SoulStorming, and so much more!!!

Listen to this Epic Sexy Soul Interview to hear a Luke making his very own Epic Sexy moves and how he is turning his dreams into reality!!!)

As promised, I will keep on delivering some good ol’ Code Breaking – Breakthroughs and the How Tos – in an effort to help YOU break patterns, find YOU missing pieces, and create YOUR very own Epic Sexy Life that you absolutely LOVE living!!

In Gratitude, and Limitless Love…

Morgan – Epic Sexy Life Code Breaker
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