This is the trip that changes everything!

Dream Big.

get all WILD and PRIMAL

up in South Africa! WOO!

Calling all More Whores and Growth Junkies. Have you already done a shit ton of work creating a life you love living?! Have you already built momentum?  Have you already had a taste of your Epic Bliss?  Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Are you the type of woman who knows there will ALWAYS be a next level?  In fact, until the very day that you take your last breath you will want more more more more and oh yea, gimme some more?  Do you feel like if you aren’t growing, you are dying?  More like dying of BOREDOM?!  If this hits home, this trip is for YOU!

This is an off-the-grid adventure trip.  As in, getting away from the constant connection and immersion of the tech world, and immersing yourself instead in nature, your inner self, the wild, wild animals, and connecting with your fellow soul sisters.

You will grow, expand, uplevel, and achieve epic heights beyond your wildest imagination.


November 4 – 9, 2016 – Coaching. Connecting. Hot Air Balloons. Caves. Safari. Lions. Elephants.

Who / What – This is for the animal lovers, adventure seekers, safari goers, nature junkies, spiritual badass gansta soul sisters, looking for a one-of-a-kind-experience-of-an-F’in- LIFETIME kind of thaaang!!!!!!

When – November 4th – 9th – For some EPIC Adventure and Spiritual Expansion

You’ll fly to Johannesburg, South Africa
Together, we’ll travel the 200 mile radius of all the endless adventures Johannesburg has to offer!

Caves, Elephants, Safari, Lions, Hot Air Balloons.  

The trip includes six days of accommodations and some serious connections with soul sister tribe members, forging friendships that will last a lifetime!

Oh, and six days with me, an award-winning intuitive life coach and #1 best-selling author, who can channel your spirit team, create a custom experience of adventure and deliver mind-blowing breakthrough life coaching.

You’ll learn the true meaning of “experiential breakthrough coaching” because shit is going to get real up in South Africa!  Raw, Real, and UNLEASHED.

$4,995 per person –That’ll cover the coaching, accommodations, adventure and travel all over South Africa to create a once in a lifetime, mind-blowing, life-altering experience. Maneuvering through the animal and adventure haven of South Africa is not an easy or cheap endeavor.

In an effort to ensure that we get to maximize the adventure haven that is South Africa, and truly create the experience of a lifetime, the funds for the trip are going toward all things adventure.  That means, you pick up your flight to and from South Africa as well as your food while you are there, and then everything else is included and taken care of for you!

Are you thinking, “I would LOVE to go, but that price tag…”

Here is the thing… Ask anyone you know – South Africa isn’t cheap! Not to mention that this trip is packed with adventures, which, of course, costs more. And I don’t know about you, but I am NOT flying across the world to one of the coolest f’in places on Earth, that is an adventure and exotic once-in-a-lifetime experience playground, and NOT doing all the mind-blowing, life-altering adventures while we are there!

Get in on this exclusive VIP Retreat before it’s too late!

The ESY tribe is growing FAST.

The Epic Sexy You book just hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon, it’s shipped out to 14 countries and counting, and shits about to get real, and it’s happening real fast.  Book tour, TV, Radio, and epic creation immersion processes are in movement to share the light and love of ESY with the world.

As the tribe grows there will be less and less opportunities for the small intimate group coaching retreats.
This retreat group is intentionally being kept small. Sure, more people could mean group discounts and some cost efficiencies, but that’s not the point of this trip.

The point of this trip is so that you get the coaching attention you deserve and need in order to uplevel into Epically LIMITLESS You; so that it’s small enough where you can form real bonds with the few other ladies on the trip, and so that you can surround yourself with other self-aware women who are looking to grow beyond what is possible at a larger group, seminar-like, coaching retreat.

This trip is all about power-hitting experiential breakthrough coaching so we’re keeping the group small and tight.

This trip is a straight up Epic Adventure trip! Emphasis on Adventure.  The investment is going towards creating a once in a lifetime kind of experience.  Mind blowing.  Life altering.  I keep getting a vision of the souls who unite together for this adventure, putting a stick of dynamite into a soul portal and blowing that shit wide open!  First dibs into the world of epic proportions beyond our wildest imagination – US!

There are 2 parts to this trip – The first is the 6 day option above. The second, is an option to extend the trip by 3 days and stay and play for NINE whole days.  Both options are jam packed with adventure, hosted by a fearless guide – A soul sister who is an award winning life coach and writer of the Amazon #1 best selling book – Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules. – who can channel your spirit team, will create a custom experience of adventure in tandem with life altering breakthrough life coaching, and you will expand beyond a limitless self that you can’t even truly imagine right now! BOOM!  This trip is most def on some epic levels.


November 10 – 12, 2016 – Skydiving. Bungee Jumping. Penguins. Ultimate Uplevel in South Africa!

This is for my travel addicts, adrenaline junkies, massive badassery peeps or those who’d like to have more badassery in their life…

Bungee jumping.
Sky diving.
A penguin natural habitat.
A custom journey of adventure and breakthrough life coaching for the ULTIMATE uplevel and limit stretching experiences.
A connection with soul sister tribe members that will last a lifetime. I mean, come on!  When you jump off bridges together, and out of planes together, that’s the grounds for friends for LIFE.

$2,365 – This includes flights (internal South Africa) to hop to each location, accommodations, all adventures, coaching, transportation to and from all activities.

If you act now and book your spot for the 9 day option before 4/12/16

You get both options for one special combined price of $6,995

That’s over $300 savings.

What are you waiting for?

What is is going to take to say YES to playing full out, living it up, experiencing all that life has to offer, and upleveling your life beyond your wildest dreams?!

WOO!  Let’s do this!

Have you ever wanted to go to South Africa?  Have you ever day dreamed about taking a safari, or does hearing about it tickle and delight your soul?!  Is your soul craving some adventure?

This experience is like having access to the most badass Travel agent who specializes in custom tailoring mind-blowing adventure who plans every single detail of your trip, having all day access to an award-winning intuitive life coach while you are on the trip, and having a fearless adventure junkie guide who accompanies you on the journey and lights the path to the most expansive experience of your life.  All you have to do is show up.

South Africa – Limitless, Expansion, Next Level Shit!

This retreat will blow your mind, and expand your soul and your life’s possibilities beyond your wildest imagination.  You will walk away with a customized blueprint for living an Epically Limitless Life. You will push your boundaries, discover your path and eliminate thought patterns that are subconsciously holding you back in life.  Embracing the unknown and diving into some wild and epic adventures will make this an experience of a lifetime, and will alter the fiber of your being in a way that you cannt even comprehend until you experience it for yourself.

Every day will include an itinerary meant to push your boundaries of self-discovery. Epic Uplevel here you come!

Question – How is it that you get these results you speak of?

Great Q!!!  You get the life changing results by us getting down and dirty in YOUR patterns, YOUR beliefs, YOUR truths, YOUR stories, YOUR wants, YOUR needs, YOUR desires, YOUR dreams, and all things YOU while we are there.

This retreat is unique to the specific individuals who attend, and the experience is completely CUSTOMIZED to those who opt in for this once in a lifetime trans-formative process.  We will explore together before the retreat what you are looking to uplevel in your life, what you are looking to break free from, what questions in your life are plaguing you, what your dreams are, and what is getting in your way!  Then when you arrive, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! WOO!!!

This retreat group is intentionally being kept small, to allow for incredibly intimate group coaching where we can make sure to cover YOUR individual unique desires, wants, needs, and dreams, and explore a unique individualized game plan to remove the blocks getting in YOUR way!!  This is not a place where you come to hear someone speak on stage with one size fits all solutions where you leave with some of your questions unanswered – This is an all-day avery day immersion program where you are an active participant in the journey of your own growth every step of the way.

This trip is all about experiential breakthrough coaching.  Listen, I am well aware that my fellow more whores and growth junkies are already incredibly self-aware chicas.  I also know that if you knew what to do and how to do it you would already be doing it, and so this is a matter of…. A.. doing it even faster …. and B. doing it in an even more energized way – more ignition, less burn out, meltdowns, and depletion… And finally,  C. finding what subconscious energetic patterns are getting in your way because you are not sure what they are specifically but you can feel the resistance is there.

And all of this is my jam!  It’s what I do better than anyone else I’ve ever encountered on this planet!

Let’s do this!!! WOO!

Rid yourself of self-imposed limitations, and have a shit ton of fun while getting your growth and expansion on! Epic Uplevel here we come!

Come Play, Expand, Uplevel, and Grow in the playground of Epic Adventure that is South Africa.

Can’t wait to see YOU there!

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