Did you know that the thoughts you have each day are made up of 70% of your thoughts from the day before?? Crazy, right?!

It’s why I took a good, hard look at my nightly ritual and refined it to include amazing thoughts and thankfulness!

I talk about this in detail with Thor Conklin on his Podcast (listen to it here!), Peak Performers, but I’ll break it down for you here, too!!

Each night in that window right before I fall asleep, I spend the five minutes intentionally programming what I want to think about the next day! Different days I do different things, but here are a few examples:

1. What I’m grateful for

This is a great one! In those minutes before I head into dreamland, I will be super conscious about what (and who) I’m thankful for!!

So I will think of my nephew, think of my man, think of the amazing South Africa retreat that is coming up and reflect that I can’t believe this is my life! It’s just amazing!

2. I love you!

There are other evenings I will just put my hand on my heart and say, “I love you, thank you” and think about all the people in my life that I really love and that I’m really thankful for … including myself!

I will literally say, “I love you thank you” for each of my clients, going through each person and do that!

3. Vision Space

What is going to be different in my life six months from now?? How will that look and feel?

Right before I fall asleep, I will really envision it! I also think of the following day and what that will look like. How will tomorrow go?

No matter what it is, it’s using the time to consciously and intentionally create my life instead of haphazardly waiting for something to happen and react to it!


My intention around my nighttime routine translates into every facet of my life! I will find myself thinking, “I love my life, I love my life, holy crap, I can’t believe this is my life – pinch me!”

That carries over into my business relationships and projects, my time with family and friends, my general demeanor!

What are you doing before you fall asleep at night? Is it bringing you peace or bringing you stress?

Comment to let me know and don’t forget to listen to my Podcast interview with Thor!