If you want to know the business awesomeness, the accomplishments, and all the empire building epicness, go to the Work with Morgan Page.  You’ll find all of that over there!

Right here on this page, you’re going to get it raw and real and in first person because that’s how I roll!

Who is Morgan Field Really?

Let’s start with who I USED to be….

In the before and after picture, you get an idea of what I physically looked like back in my Not So Epic Sexy Me days!  It was about a 35 pound difference to the who that I am today. If you read the intro of my book you know that I am a recovering Spicy McChicken – For those of you who have yet to meet her… She is – A highly functional, massively codependent, and complete hot mess of a drunk.  A professional number, addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, toxic men, junk food, and work!  Yaaaay for outgrowing her!!! WOO!  And Yaaay for being her!  Without her there is no Epic Sexy You!  Without her I wouldn’t have gone through the struggles of what I went through to get to be the me that I am now!  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Because of her I earned my street cred to do what I do every single day! To help others transform!  To help others shed the crap that is weighing them down mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  And because of Spicy McChicken I appreciate being me even more than words can express.  I fought hard to become the me that I am today, and I am proud of me!  😉 Read the book, it’s loaded with my street cred, my life PHD, and so many goodies to help you create a life beyond YOUR wildest dreams!  😉


First of all, I LOVE my tribe!  For the first time in my life everything makes sense to me!  Tribe is everything!  I feel like the luckiest, most blessed woman on the whole face of the planet!  PINCH ME!  Yes, this is my life! WOO!  And every single fiber of my being wants to help YOU find and create your very own version of this! LOVING your life!  LOVING yourself! LOVING your body!  Having THRIVING relationships! Sharing a lifelong adventure with your fave soul as you write, direct, and star in your own Epic Love Story.  Living life more ignited and alive than you ever even thought was humanly possible!  And finding your purpose, your mission, and your passion filled fulfillment, ensuring that you are playing full out and living out your true Divine Destiny! WOO!

I am SOOOOOO excited to have you as a member of the tribe! LOVE YOU!!!

I am an Intuitive Life Coach.

I hear divine messages, I see visions, and I share them in sessions and at retreats with those whom they are intended for.  And No, I am not a fortuneteller.  LOL, although I think this pic is what some people think when they hear what I do.  And actually, yes, I can predict the future – If you make no changes, your life will be the exact same 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 30 years from now, on your death bed… you’re welcome!

I am ridiculously silly, goofy, and playful.

I believe that life is meant to be FUN!  Shit is not that serious yo!  If you feel like serious pants are a staple in your wardrobe and you’d like to keep it that way, I’m probably not your girl!

I am a Growth Junkie and More Whore.

I love to push limits and defy limitations! I am on the endless pursuit for growth until the day I die, and I will always want more!  More growth, more love, more fun, more play, more connection, More, More, More! WOO!!

The World is my Playground!

I LOVE to travel, explore, discover, immerse myself in nature, experience new things, unleash my creativity, and watch others experience something for the first time ever!

I prefer to trick myself into working out by doing things that feel like fun, and the workout is just the added bonus!

I am an aunt, a sister, a daughter,
a God Mother, and a sister-in-law

I am a ninja!

I LOVE to fly!

I’m a fur mommy.

They say that dogs are like their owners.  This one has more energy at her dog years of 70 than most dogs have as puppies!  She is stubborn as all hell, you never have to guess what she is thinking, she has impeccable boundaries, she is infinite light and love, and she is a little silly and nutty.  Yep, she’s my girl!

I’m a Dream Chaser.

I am the girl who threw a prom in our mid 20’s because I found out a friend had never been before!  Boom!  Making dreams come true is one of my fave thaaangs!  Especially when people think they’ve missed the opportunity to experience something!  NOPE!  It’s never too late!

I am a speed demon, a daredevil,
and a massive adventure junkie.

The Beach is my Happy Place.

I am a total sun goddess!  If I could choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life it’s a bikini!  Give me a bikini, a beach, and a hot sunny day, and I am in HEAVEN!

I love playing with all of my Avatars.

I love dressing up and playing with all the different Avatars / versions of me! (Avatar exploration is in the book! The book ROCKS, you should totally read it!)  On one end of the spectrum of my Avatars is my Glogi – My spiritual glamorous yogi who loves being active, adventurous, and pretty damn girly and beautiful. On the other end of the spectrum is my Soulpreneur Glam Goddess who loves wearing some sequins and sparkle as she builds her Epic Sexy Empire!

I LOVE Onesies!

Yes, I realize some may argue that I may not understand fashion, to which I would respond, you don’t understand the joy of a onesie!  Give it a shot! 😉  And I come from a family of epically awesome suckers that will pretty much do anything to entertain a little man!

I am a complete and total sucker for my nephew.

I will read him “one more book” 5 million times over, and spin him in circles “one more time” until I am physically ill.

Oh and if you ever want to buy your way into my good graces, buy me chocolate ice cream – Vegan, soy free, gluten free ice cream, hahahhaha, and some delicious juices too!  I like a variety of juices, love me some yummy greens, or sometimes some orange and ginger! WOO!  One will do the trick, both will land you in the friend for life club!

What do I disklike?

Well, I don’t have many things in the world I dislike…. I will say though I very much dislike going to the Dentist.  For all of my Dentist friends, and my peeps in the Dental Industry, my apologies!  Please know that I absolutely go to the Dentist regularly and will continue to do so, I just have a hard time with people poking and prodding all up in my face! 😉  Love you!

Sometimes I encounter problems at work, like – When the sun gets in my eyes.  Or when the clouds block the sun for a few minutes.  Annoying, right? Can you imagine how annoyed my friends must feel when I text them with these “problems”? 😉

And, after spending 30 years angry, which you can read all about in my book, I refuse to spend another moment in that toxic energy.  LOL I love this pic! WOO!

I am a total nerd!  I LOVE learning! I have a Life Coaching Certification, I have a background in Holistic Nutrition, I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, and I recently got licensed in Real Estate.  No clue what the hell I am even going to do with the Real Estate License, I just got it because I was honoring the pull and I trust that one day that it will all make sense!  Perhaps being an intuitive soul home finder for a select few lucky peeps, just because I LOVE it and it gives me something to do in my down time other than a toxic love affair with Netflix!!!

As I said, I am SOOOOOO excited to have you as a member of the tribe! LOVE YOU!!!

Infinite Gratitude and Limitless Love…

Drop the Mic.  😉

Love Morgan