Morgan Field is a best-selling author, intuitive life coach, growth junkie, wild rebel pioneer, adventure obsessed goddess, addicted to creating things that awaken and expand souls.

She is an expert on Self Love, Confidence, Living life on your own terms, and Squeezing every single morsel of yummy goodness out of life.

She is the Founder of the International Female Empowerment Brand – Epic Sexy You.  Starting an Epic Sexy Revolution setting the world on fire, igniting souls to their true majesty and divine wisdom.

She is the author of the 6 time award winning and Amazon #1 Best Selling Book – Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules.  – Which helps women fall madly deeply in love with themselves so that they can get busy living, while creating and sustaining a life, body, love story, and business beyond their wildest dreams!

She is the First Place Winner of the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup – a contest conducted by one of the world’s leading coaching institutions.

She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators, and more.

She combines the power of life coaching with the power of channeling Spirit Guides to deliver the most unbelievably mind-blowing transformative experiences for women around the world.  Currently her tribes spans across 19 countries and counting!

And finally… she satiates her hunger for wanderlust and adventure through the vehicle of her brand, hosting epic sexy life transforming retreats – When she isn’t coaching clients one on one, hosting a retreat or event, writing, or building and or hosting online group programs… you will find her laying by the pool, floating on a float (pegasus, flamingo, unicorn, or pineapple floats), having fun in the sun, at the beach, finding some kind of new experience to indulge in, adventuring, laughing, connecting with dope souls, reading a yummy book, and or chillin with Epic Sexy You’s Chief Love Officer IZZY who is the co-star on the Epic Sexy You book front and center being pampered.

Erin McCabe
RN, ECMO Program Coordinator, and Epic Sexy Mommy 😉


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