You are feeling pulled to run with a pack of WILD VISIONARIES who will inspire you to shine even brighter, play even BIGGER, dream even more epically, and face your fears and resistance head on as you birth the soul creations that have been inside you just waiting to come out and play.


~ Dream Incubators for Soulpreneurs ~


This is the place you come to conceive, develop, grow, and master your creations and then unleash them to the world!!!


Accountability, support, tribe, momentum, creative mind-sharing, and defying the limitations of what kind of abundance is even possible for you and what you can create in only 3 months time.



Buckle up, shit is about to get REAL! 


WHEN: January of 2019

We kickoff this epic partaaay and empire building in January of 2019.

3 Live Group Calls each month, an hour and a half per call (and I always stay on longer to answer any Qs you have, as well as record all calls just in case you missed it, and you are able to email in Qs throughout our journey as well that will be answered at a later date and time either via a live call and or via a video with an A to your Q in a Q&A library that you will have access to). The calls will be in the months of January, February, and March. Call times are TBD – We will pick a day and time to lock in calls once we know who is in and coordinate availability for everyone in the tribe.

Live Event Date: Date TBD – Will be in April or May of 2019, we will coordinate with all participants to ensure we pick a date that works for everyone. The Live Event will be 2 full days in Miami.  

1 Personal One on One Business Soul Jam Session with Morgan: To be scheduled at any point prior to the launch of the program to get you primed and ready to rock. Will coordinate a custom time that aligns with both of our schedules.

As you can see, this is some custom ass yummy shit y’all!

WHAT & WHY: The Dream Incubator for Soulpreneurs! 

You want access to some of that epic sexy juicy energy and behind the scenes secrets of how to create your empire the Epic Sexy way, with access to the behind the scenes secrets in the day in the life of me: Founder of Epic Sexy You, in 19 countries and counting, #1 Best Selling and 6 time award winning author, award winning and internationally recognized Intuitive Life Coach, recently landed a TED Talk, currently writing 2 more books at the same time, and recently launched the Epic Sexy You Tanks Collection to a private group for ESY Insiders. AND all that I have built along the way excites and delights the ever living shit out of me! I legit LOVE what I do and LOVE who I work with and LOVE everything I create, and so can YOU! You feel that, you know that, and you are ready for it!

You didn’t leave corporate, and or currently crave to leave corporate, and or avoided corporate altogether so that you could merely survive.  Settling is for suckers. You are NOT a sucker. You had dreams of freedom and abundance. And if you’re drawn to my tribe you have epic dreams of having a shit ton of FUN growing your business! You get to be excited and delighted about what you are creating, and you realize that sharing the adventures of business growth is sooo much more FUN and hella more powerful!!!! WOO!

Do yourself and the world a favor and join this abundance tribe now and get an epic incubator of accountability for your soul creations!

This is the place where you come to…

Conceive, develop, grow and master your dream creations in this incubator of epic proportions and then unleash them to the world!

Ever heard that quote – “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.”?  This basically means – Your inner circle is important AF! YEP. And it’s time you gave your inner circle some more Dream Chasers, and Doers and peeps who inspire the shit out of you to dream bigger and shine brighter. Hands down one of the keys to my epic success is WHO I have around me. When I have my inner circle on point I am on FIRE, and when my inner circle is off or missing key elements I am off and do not have access to as much momentum as I’d like.

Welcome to your EPIC Abundance tribe!

Create the visions of what you want to birth in your business in 3 months time and join this tribe of badass dreamers and doers to share the journey with.

3 Months of 3 Monthly Virtual Calls per month to do group coaching, live Q&As for all things your business, strategy incubators, masterminding, and all things in support of you EXCEEDING your visions.

Live 2 day Event in Miami for epic dream incubator empire building masterminding soul jams of mind blowing proportions.

And 1 one on one Business Soul Jam Session for YOUR business which is one 1.5 hour call dedicated to playing in the space of what you are creating during these 3 months and exploring the strategy, direction, energy alignments, removing blocks, and branding and marketing energies and feels – in all things just YOUR business personally.

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years of being an entrepreneur and coaching a shit ton of entrepreneurs it is that Success is not an accident, and it is not random. Success is a DECISION.

If you want in on this group you need to be ALL IN on whatever it is that you are committed to creating in your business in the next 3 months.

Leave the excuses behind. Ready to be called out on any of your limiting bullshit. And be ready to fucking ROCK!!! WOOO!


Calling ALL Soulpreneurs!  Yes, you read that right, I do mean all – Soul Sisters and Soul Brothers are welcome to join this tribe creation! Typically the tribe creations are specific to soul sisters and this one feels very open to inviting in soul brother energies to come and play too!

You are a Soulpreneur – An Entrepreneur who runs a spiritually expansive businesses that is leaving epic imprints of light on the world and or helping others do the same! You are a lightworker an empath, a world shaker, a move maker, a path finder and a trail blazer. You do not mind investing time into dream building but the hustle energy that you see and feel with so many other entrepreneurs makes you go ICK! (Amen sister, preach!)

You are a dreamer and a DOER. You dream big AF and you follow through with action.  And if for any reason you are not going as fast as you would like or you feel yourself bumping up against resistance you are willing to do whatever it takes to grow through it all to get into your alignment and abundance!

You already have an idea of what you want to create (and or ideas, plural), your visions are fucking EPIC, and in fact your visions have been talking to you for a while now, inviting you to create them, and at times it feels like some of them are being put off until “tomorrow” but “tomorrow” is not a day in the week so… yea you do the math there. The time is NOW!

You are ready to commit to the visions, to commit to your dreams, to commit to yourself, to commit to the people your soul creations are going to serve, and you are ready to be ALL IN!!

You’re all in on stepping your game up.

You are feeling pulled to run with a pack of Wild Visionaries who will inspire you to shine even brighter, play even BIGGER, and move through your own fears and resistance to birth soul creations that have been inside you just waiting to come out and play.

You are built for Epic and Legendary! The BIG Leagues baby!!!

You strive to be the best of your own best and constantly compete with old versions of you to blow your own damn mind and create magic for yourself and the world.

You own your own shit. You obvi don’t mind cursing or made up words. You do not wear serious pants (although something tells me that if you did wear those you would not still be reading this because those that tend to take life and themselves way too serious tend to be repelled by my zero fucks for normality, no tolerance for one size fits all boxes, and my epically playful ways of creations!)  

AND….You have an epic sense of humor. (It takes a shit ton of strength, courage, grace, and vulnerability to chose humor over shame and blame as you birth soul creations and navigate the world of complete unknowns in entrepreneurship. Shame and blame are the easy ways out, at least they appear to be on the surface, but that’s a story for another day. Back to you… you know that Responsibility IS Power and that you are the master creator of your life. And I promise you that you will get out of this journey what you put into it.)

Say YES to yourself. Say YES to your visions and dreams. Say YES to your magic and your soul creations. Mmmm. Say YES!



Total investment in your business – $6K* (if paid upfront)

Can be paid monthly, 4 payments, at $1650 per month starting in September.

*Included in cost: 3 Months of 3 Monthly Virtual Calls Live each month, an event ticket to a Live 2 day Event in Miami for epic dream incubator masterminding empire building soul jams of mind blowing proportions, AND 1 one on one Business Soul Jam session for YOUR business which is one 1.5 hour call dedicated to playing in the space of what you are creating during these 3 months together and exploring the strategy, direction, energy alignments, removing blocks, and branding and marketing energies and feels. (Live Event Date: Date TBD – Will be in April or May of 2019, we will coordinate with all participants to ensure we pick a date that works for everyone. The Live 2 Day Event will be in Miami. Please note, you do NOT have to attend the event, and whether you come or not, the cost is still the same. And please note that the inclusion is just for the event ticket for access to the 2 days full of coaching and then accommodations and food and such are your responsibility, see below for more info.)

Please note, this is a group coaching program for all live calls with the exception of the one 1.5 hour deep dive one on one call with Morgan. So, if you would like an even more personal and intimate experience with direct access for all things your business and the most expedited intensive fast track I would go with the below option:


(Spots for this option are limited so if you want this option get on it pronto! xo)

Total investment in your business: $9K* (if paid upfront)

Can be paid monthly, 4 payments at $2,250 per month starting with payments made in September.

*Included in the cost: All of the above AND 2 Private 45 Minute One on One Sessions per month to focus on all things business building for your own personal business. All sessions are done on the phone or audio of Skype or Whatsapp if you are in another country.

More Info on Inclusions and Non-Inclusions:

Included in your cost is the event ticket as outlined above and then you are empowered with making the choices moving forward for where you want to stay, how you want to get to and from the event space each day, what and where you want to eat for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks, etc. and handling the expenses for all that according to your own desires and budget and what not. 

You get full freedom and flexibility to handle your own logistics, food, and accommodations.  Just show up with an open heart and an open mind, leave the ego at home, be prepared for growth!

You can use your miles and/or points.

You can arrange all your travel per your own desires and preference.

More details will be provided about the event when you sign up, included ideas for where to book locally, and the address for the Event Space, etc.

Side note: We do have a Chief Love Officer here at Epic Sexy You – Izzy, Boston Terrier doggy – who is present at the Epic Sexy You Event Space, so if you are coming to the event, you are saying yes to understanding that she is a part of the experience 😉 She vibrates at an incredibly high vibration and is incredibly intuitive to energies and helps inform some epic thangs when she is a part of the mix during coaching and channeling. And she is a total lover. She will be energetic AF for about the first 5 mins and then calms down and integrates into the essence of  the group! 😉 She is soooo excited to get to hang with you! xoxo



Even as a high achieving badass you know that you are capable of so much more when you unite forces with tribe and en Epic guide!!!


As a business owner, entrepreneur and epic visionary and creator you know the importance and power of investing in yourself and in your business.


This is the space and time and place to come and defy your limitations, stretch your possibilities, and unleash your epic creations into the world!!!!! 



If this retreat is your jam email me NOW to set up a time in the next week or two to connect and explore!!!

Email me now at and let me know which retreats and or events that you are interested in connecting on and I will email back options of times that I am available in the next week or two and we will pick a time together and get our soul jam sisterhood connect on! WOOO! Can’t wait!!!

If you do not hear back from me in 48 hours please double check to ensure that there were no email addy typos when sending to

SOOOO Excited to get to connect with you SOON! WOOO!

EPIC SEXY SPARKLE BOMB – The first 3 people to book and pay the amount in full upfront will get a free 45 minute one on one session with me to be used at any point before January 1st, 2019.


Create an EPIC life that you LOVE living – Where you pinch yourself because it is so F’n AWESOME that you wonder if it is even real.


Create sustainable SEXINESS once and for all! – From the inside out! Destroy doubt and replace it with EPIC, Sexy Confidence.


Be an Unapologetic YOU! Focus your energy and your creativity on what YOU want, and create the life YOU want to live.