The Euro Explorer!

Castles, Gondolas, Eiffel Tower – OH HELL YES!

Where: Paris, Ireland, Scotland, Italy. 

When: August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th (And YES, the night of the 18th included.) 6 days, 7 nights.

What: Discover. Experience. Explore. Indulging in the beauty of the land, and all things scenic eye candy –  Castles, Gondolas, Eiffel tower lights, and more!

Coaching Topic: 

The mastery of the energy of PURPOSE.  Being on purpose.  Creating on purpose. Living on purpose. 

 I mean, lets be real – The coaching for this trip is just the icing on the most beautiful and magical cake of all time – Ummm… Helllooooo have you seen pics of Paris, Venice, Ireland and Scotland?!  It’s AMAZEBALLS!  So… Here is the yummy and delicious icing that is the toping to this majestic cake – The coaching for this trip is all about: Create Consciously, Live on Purpose.  

Are you craving for more LIVING in your life?  Are you craving more experiences?  Wanting to create more memories?  Want to see the world?  Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night?  Want to explore Ireland and get all up in those epic castles?  Want to explore Scotland and immerse yourself in the eye candy of the land, surrounded by peeps with amazaballs accents?  Want to ride a Gondola in Venice?  Great.  Then Let’s DO IT!

No more waiting.  No more – “I’ll do it when…” 

This is about DOING it.  Doing it NOW.  Whatever “it” is for you!  This trip is a representation of you saying yes to your own dreams. Saying yes to creating a life you LOVE living.  Saying yes to LIVING.  Saying yes to exploring.  Saying yes to whatever it is that your heart is pulling you towards.  Don’t just dream it, DO IT.  Starting right NOW.

This is about being on your deathbed and having the biggest shit eating grin on your face because you know that you squeezed every single morsel of goodness out of life, sliding into the grave exhilarated, delighted, and zero regrets! 

We all have patterns of behavior that are getting in our way of LIVING life to the fullest, especially on the day to day!  Come explore, discover, experience, and immerse yourself in the playground that is this world!

Most self exploration and soulfully expansive retreats that you go on include a program fee that incorporates the coaching program and content and then you handle your accommodations and logistics yourself.  

OR – You might have a retreat that has coaching, accommodations, and some activities, but no real experiential outdoor exploration, discovery, and LIVING. And at those retreats, you may often find yourself getting your learn on indoors while in the most beautiful locations in the world missing the experience of all the majesty of the land and culture of your destination. Imagine all the fun accents you miss and all the people that you could be out there connecting with!

OR –  You may sign up for a tour that includes the accommodations, transportation, and tour guide, and yet you are missing that sparkle layer of coaching and soulful expansion.  

Well my soul sisters… This is the best of ALL worlds – Exploring the land, immersing yourself in the culture, experiencing life changing custom coaching that has been channeled specifically for you, accommodations and logistics taken care of for you and included in the rate, immersion in the culture of Paris, Venice, Ireland and Scotland – AND adding in a whole new layer – A layer of a soul vetted group of kindred sisters that you will share the rest of your life’s journey with!  Like minded women, who are equally as passionate about traveling, exploring the world, creating new life experiences, AND journeying to depths of your soul unlike anything you’ve ever experienced to get the soul work you’ve been craving and soulfully explode to a whole new version of you that you LOVE being!

There is nothing like this out there.  Are you ready to co-create some life changing magic?  Let’s do this! WOO!

This journey is for a small group intimate experience so that we can go deep.  Deeper than you have ever gone before.  No cookie cutter one size fits all approaches here – This is all about YOU. We coach and explore what you want, what is getting in your way of that, and then how to take you to the next level!

Cost: $7,695 – You pay food, your flights to Europe and back home, and your luggage fees for internal commuting, and everything else in included. (Internal European transportation is included.)

$1K to reserve your spot, and payment plan is available.  Spots are first come first serve.

$7,195 – For payments in full on or before 2/15/17

*Deposits and all payments are non-refundable.

If you are in! Please send me a message and let’s chat and get you set up!

Epic Sexy You - Euro Explorer