EPIC Adventures in ICELAND!

Every year there is at least one trip that is straight up all thaaangs adventure, and this is IT for 2017!

Where: Iceland!!! 

When: September 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th. (And YES, the night of the 21st is included.) 6 days, 7 nights in Iceland!  Yet again, I have decided to share my birthday with the tribe, and this year it’s here in Iceland! – So you best believe we will be doing some epically awesome and exciting shit for this trip! WOO!!

What: This is a retreat for the “EPIC” pillar of the brand!!  Epic Adventures all the way through!   Think about all the adventure that can be had in the ice and snow! We will be indulging in the beauty of the land, and immersing ourselves in all things Iceland

Adventures! This place is an adventure-ice-wonderland-snow-haven of awesomely epic proportions!

This is for my soul sisters who love are looking for some injections of yummy delicious mystical ADVENTURE into the blood lines of their life and soul!

Coaching Topic: 

I mean, lets be real – The coaching for this trip is just the icing on the most epic adventure cake of all time – Ummm… Helllooooo ICELAND! Have you ever googled Iceland adventures? (OK Wait, if you like surprises then don’t do that, it will spoiler alert it for you!) HOLY WOWZERS and a big fat hug oooo HELL YES to all that there is to do there!!! And, here is the most yummy and delicious icing on top of this already awesome sauce cake: The coaching for this trip is all about – Next Level Shit!  

Turn life up a notch, and take your thrive factor to a whole new level! And have a SHIT ton of fun while doing it! WOO!  Even when you are at the highest heights imaginable in life, there is ALWAYS a next level!  It’s kind of mind blowing when you think about that, right?! AHH SOOO COOL!  Come and play and take your whole life up a notch and share some adventure with like-minded soul sisters! New friends for life!!  #nextlevelshitinprogress BOOM!

You will push your boundaries, discover your self imposed limits, and eliminate thought patterns that are subconsciously holding you back in life.  Embracing the unknown and diving into some winter wonderland epic adventures will make this an experience of a lifetime shared with kindred soul sisters, and will alter the fiber of your being in a way that you cannot even comprehend until you experience it for yourself.  Even if you have played with this kind of stuff before, I can assure you that it will feel like you are doing it for the first time! It’s the real deal up in the Iceland energy! 

Every day will include an itinerary meant to push your boundaries of self-discovery. #nextlevelshitinprogress #boom #spiritualgangster

Most self exploration and soulfully expansive retreats that you go on include a program fee that incorporates the coaching program and content and then you handle your accommodations and logistics yourself.  

OR – You might have a retreat that has coaching, accommodations, and some activities, but no super hardcore adventure.  And on those retreats, you may often find yourself getting your learn on indoors while in the most beautiful locations in the world and missing the experience of all the majesty of the land and culture of your destination. 

OR –  You may sign up for a tour that includes the accommodations, transportation, and tour guide, and yet you are missing that sparkle layer of coaching and soulful expansion.

Well my soul sisters… This is the best of ALL worlds – Super awesomesauce hardcore adventure, life changing custom coaching that has been channeled specifically for you, accommodations and logistics taken care of for you and included in the rate, immersion in the exploration of the outdoor magical land of Iceland – AND adding in a whole new layer – A layer of a soul vetted group of kindred sisters that you will share the rest of your life’s journey with!  Like minded women, who are equally as passionate about adventure, traveling, exploring the world, creating new life experiences, living FULL out, AND journeying to a whole new layer of depths of your soul to get the soul work you’ve been craving and soulfully explode to a whole new version of you that you LOVE being even more!!!

There is nothing like this out there.  Are you ready to co-create some life changing magic?  Let’s do this! WOO!

This journey is for a small group intimate experience so that we can go deep.  Deeper than you have ever gone before.  No cookie cutter one size fits all approaches here – This is all about YOU. We coach and explore what you want, what is getting in your way of that, and then how to take you to the next level!

Question – How is it that you get these “life-changing” results that you speak of?

Great Q!!!  You get the life changing results by us getting down and dirty in YOUR patterns, YOUR beliefs, YOUR truths, YOUR stories, YOUR wants, YOUR needs, YOUR desires, YOUR dreams, and all things YOU while we are there.

This retreat group is intentionally being kept small, to allow for incredibly intimate group coaching where we can make sure to cover YOUR individual unique desires, wants, needs, and dreams, and explore a unique individualized game plan to remove the blocks getting in YOUR way!!  This is NOT a place where you come to hear someone speak on stage with one size fits all solutions where you leave with some of your own questions unanswered – This is an all-day every day immersion program where you are an active participant in the journey of your own growth every step of the way.

This trip is all about experiential breakthrough coaching, getting you where you want to go in life even faster, having a shit ton of fun doing it, identifying the subconscious energetic patterns that are getting in your way and then rewiring them so that you can propel forward!

All of this is my jam!  It’s what I do better than anyone else I’ve ever encountered on this planet!

Let’s do this!!! WOO!This retreat coaching content is unique to the specific individuals who attend, and the experience is completely CUSTOMIZED to those who opt in for this once in a lifetime transformative process. 

Cost $7995 – You pay food and flight, and everything else in included.

Deposit – $1K to reserve your spot, payment plans are available, spots are first come first serve.

$7,695 – For payments made in full by 2/15/17.

*Deposits and all payments are non-refundable.

If you are in! Please send me a message and let’s chat and get you set up!

Epic Sexy You - EPIC Adventures in ICELAND!