Lax, Lounge, and LAUNCH in Jamaica! Ya Mon! Everything be Irie!

Where: Montego Bay, Jamaica. BOOM SHAKALAKA 

When: October 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th (Night of the 22nd included) 5 Days, 6 Nights

What: Lax, Lounge, LAUNCH that rocket ship into OUTER SPACE!  A whole new stratosphere!!! BOOM!

Coaching Topic: 

Calling all Soulpreneurs – My fellow Entrepreneurs with SOUL!  This is for the peeps who are looking to leave an epic imprint of light, love, and transformation on this world!  My fellow soul shakers, move makers, fire started, change agents, and code breakers!

If you have ever spent even just 30 minutes or an hour masterminding with a creative soul about your business – someone who is a complete and total IDEA FACTORY, with an absolute billionaire mindset, and a total YES AND friend who constantly helps feed your soul’s ideas of where to take your business next along with how to get out of your own way and how to get where you are craving to go, someone who thinks HUGE – Then you know the power and effects of walking away from that convo with a whole new approach and fresh set of expansive eyes on your business. And if you haven’t ever had this – OMG its the bomb dot com and sooooooo soulfully explosive for your business!!!  Some of the most high vibe game changing ideas for business come from these sessions!  Now imagine 5 days straight of that high vibe energy surrounded with possibilitarians who will help you play with and explore the endless possibilities of how to take you to that next level in your business that you are craving to manifest into fruition! 

Take your business to the next level! We are going to unite our epic forces, and slow down for 5 days so we can speed the F up! Rocket launch your business into the next stratosphere! WOO! 

Come Soulstorm your most yummy delicious epic projects with fellow soulprenuers, get out of your own way, and make your business dreams a living reality! WOO!!!

This is a custom and intimate experience for a small group of entrepreneurs who are looking to take their game to the next level, and make shit happen while we are there!  Explore, discover, and unwrap the next layers of depth and soulful explosion in your business to uncover the next level energy to unleash the creativity inside.  When we chase our dreams, honor the tugs on our heartstrings, and allow our mind to serve the visions of our heart – Limitless abundance flows endlessly.

This is NOT a headspacey kind of jam.  This IS a soul jam!  We will explore what your heart and soul really wants to create in your business, and we will explore how to tame the mind to serve said visions and desires.

Typically entrepreneurs who run their business with soul (soulpreneurs) tend to be a party of one when it comes to heart jamming and exploring ideas and masterminding their next level visions for their business.  Or maybe you grab an hour here and an hour there with a friend to soundboard and bounce ideas back and forth.  But there is another way.  A way that is explosive and gets you where you want to go SOOOO much faster! And that’s uniting forces with other soulpreneurs for 5 FULL days to connect exclusively on all things taking your business to the next level!  We are even more powerful as a collective whole!  It’s time to unite!

Have you ever shared a dream or a business idea with someone and heard – Yea BUT….? Well this is NOT for the Yea But Peeps – This is a tribe of Yes AND peeps who will hear your ideas and share new and fresh way for how to make it even bigger!  Step into your full majesty and power!  Masterfully manifest the visions that you have.  Make them come to life once and for all!

Warning – The minute you say YES to this trip and sign up, you will already begin getting new downloads of what you want to create for your business! So buckle up and enjoy the ride! And make sure to start writing down all of the ideas that come up before the retreat so we can play with them while we are there! WOO!! Jamaica here we come!

Cost: $6,995 – This will be the best investment and most impactful tax write off of the year for your business and your dreams!!!

$1K Deposit – Payment plans are available, spots are first come first serve.

$6,695 – For payments made in full by 2/15/17.

*Deposits and all payments are non-refundable.

You buy the flight, and the rest is covered! 😉 WOO!

Most business “retreats” / conferences that you go to include a program fee that incorporates the program content and then you handle your own accommodations, food, and logistics yourself.  

And, you may often find yourself getting your learn on indoors, while in the most beautiful locations in the world, missing the experience of all the majesty of the land and culture of your destination. 

Often times at other retreats or conferences, finding yourself in a situation where you are in a large room filled with loads of people and the content is coming at you that is one sized fits all, missing that sparkle layer of more intimate business coaching focused on YOUR business and your own unique soulful expansion.

Well my fellow soulpreneurs… This is the best of ALL worlds – Experiencing life changing custom coaching that has been channeled specifically for you, accommodations and logistics taken care of for you and included in the rate, surrounded by the beautiful land and the epic energy of the Jamaican people – AND adding in a whole new layer – A layer of a soul vetted group of kindred spirits that you will share the rest of your life’s journey with!  Like minded peeps, who are equally as passionate about growing their business, thriving, leaving an epic imprint on the world, AND journeying to depths of your soul to get the soul work needed to take your life and your business to the next level!  You will walk away with your own business explored in and out! And when you come and play full out – This trip will pay for itself tenfold and then some!

There is nothing like this out there.  Are you ready to co-create some life changing magic?  Let’s do this! WOO!

This journey is for a small group intimate coaching experience so that we can go deep.  Deeper than you have ever gone before.  No cookie cutter one size fits all approaches here – This is all about YOU. We coach and explore all the ins and outs of YOUR business, what you want for your business, where you want to take your business next, what is getting in your way of that, and then how to remove those blocks and take you and your business to the next level of success that your soul is craving!

You will walk away with new ideas and creations that aren’t even on your radar as of yet.  You will walk away with a new tribe of souls to connect with throughout the rest of your life to soul jam and co-create magic as you all grow your thriving businesses!  

If you are in! Please send me a message and let’s chat and get you set up!

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