WHERE: Miami, Florida! 

HOTEL: The Tide South Beach:
ADDRESS: 1220 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

WHEN: May 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th

WHAT: 4 days of coaching – Insights to the Male Mind!   4 Days of all thaaangs communicating and understanding our soul brothers!!  For the retreat – *Men will be live with us for 2 of the days to work through the coaching process with us.  AND, you will receive recordings of research calls that are conducted prior to the event, interviewing a variety of men asking them YOUR questions so that you can get answers, insights, and knowledge directly from the men themselves.

Coaching Topic: 

The MANSIGHTS Retreat!!! Insights to the Male Mind!!!

Do you ever wish you understood men more? Do you ever get irritated, lose your patience, find yourself perplexed and confused, and / or struggle to connect and / or sustain a connection with men? Do you want to have a more powerful connection with the men in your life? Do you want to attract in more men so you have more choices when it comes to dating?  Or do you ever find yourself in the midst of an epic connection and then it all falls apart and you’re left wondering why?!

Then this is THE retreat for you!


This is your opportunity to have your own questions answered once and for all and from men that I hand selected for this experience.  *Please Know – These men have been hand selected to be raw, real, unfiltered, and vulnerably share their own truths with us.  They are each men who totally rock and who absolutely love and respect women.  These men are our soul brothers, and have agreed to share their truths even amidst the discomfort that it may cause them and us to do so.  This is the formula for life changing soulful expansion!  Are you ready sister?? WOO!



First hand insights from epic sexy men themselves, dispelling your limiting beliefs, and sharing what it is that they actually WANT in a woman. What turns them on?  What turns them off? What makes them melt?  What makes them fall in love?  What makes them check out of a relationship? 

Example Qs already on the roster:

Q. What is sexy about a woman?

Q. What is beautiful about a woman?

Q. What is a turn ON for you?

Q. What is a turn OFF for you?

Q. Let’s talk failed relationships – What went wrong?  Why did it work at the beginning?  And what lead to it’s decline?

Q. Let’s talk successful relationships – What do you feel it takes to keep a relationship together?

Q. What are your the key determining factors for you personally between a woman you would like to keep things casual with (aka date, have sex, and still see other peeps), vs be in a committed relationship with (date just her, but not married), vs ask a woman to go on a lifelong adventure with you? – And how do you treat each of these women different according to the category they fall into?

Q. What are your Deal Breakers?

Q. What perplexes you about women?

Q. What Qs do you have about women?

Q. What are your theories and beliefs about women?

Q. How do you feel about an “assertive” woman?  And how would you define assertive?

Q. What are the signs and signals you give when you like a woman?

Q. How do you feel about commitment?

Q. What have you experienced or witnessed women doing that kills attraction right out of the gates?

Q.  What have you experienced or witnessed women doing that kills the attraction while in a relationship?

Q. Ok sooo some men say they know right away about a woman!  Then if the feeling is mutual, why do they keep it to them selves! And then let’s take it slow!”

Q. My big limiting belief is – There are NO men at all. Help!

Q. When I do put myself in predominantly male scenarios “wild game dinners, gun ranges… They are soo focused on that, that it appears to be that estrogen in the room is annoying to them. What’s that all about?!

Q. Why does it seem men have no desire to grow? I don’t want to change a man and I know that I cannot change a man. But I’m always evolving and growing, and can’t seem to find a man who is down to take the journey with me… Help!

Q.  I numbed my personality because it’s too big and I need a man that is man enough to appreciate it. Help!

Q. “How young is too young? For example an age diff of 10 to 12 years!! Young men approach & stay with me for dating. I’m a lady so I ask for commitment (relationship) and they go ghost even after 5 months of treating me like gold. How do I avoid this upfront??? Btw, I am 42 and I’m as I write this telling a 26 yr-old we can’t go on a first date. Younger guys are too uncertain, right? Thank you!!!!”

Q. How do you feel about a woman being a virgin?

Q. How do you feel about a woman’s imperfections – like scars?

Q. What does a man think about a woman who doesn’t have a lot of dating or relationship experience – Does he think it’s a red flag?

Q. Why do men, once they have entered into an exclusive relationship with a woman (whether married or not) stop putting in effort regarding romance? Why do men stop putting effort into the “connecting and learning” of their partner, setting aside time to energetically merge and expand? It has been my observation in my marriage and the relationships of my friends that once a guy “has you” his effort ceases and the nice things he used to do for you to make you feel cared for and cherished just seem to disappear.  Is it that men view courtship as a means to an end?”

Etc. – You will get a chance to ask YOUR questions too!  LIVE, as your questions arise! Whatever you want to know. No limits, no rules!  Ask away! 

You will find yourself enlightened, surprised, and on an epic mind bender!  The best kind of bender there is! WOO!

We will do coaching around YOUR stuff!  No cookie cutter BS.  This is about YOU!  So, pack your bags, bring that heavy baggage that you’ve been carrying around for most of your life, and be prepared to leave some of that baggage in Miami! WOO! 


DAY ONE: Connect with your soul sisters in a sacred cocoon of love and support, soaking in the sun on South Beach, and exploring the beliefs and stories of men and love that are getting in your way of the love and connection you are craving to experience and sustain with men.

DAYS TWO AND THREE:  There will be time on Day Two and Day Three for some Man Panel adventures – The men will be live with us at different points throughout the day to explore where your beliefs came from, what has elements of truth, what is anchored in fear, and what the alternative perspectives are that you could embrace instead which will liberate you and free you from the beliefs that are creating the isolation and disconnect from men.  As I mentioned before – These men have been hand selected to be raw, real, unfiltered, and vulnerably share their own truths with us.  They are each men who totally rock and who absolutely love and respect women.  These men are our soul brothers, and have agreed to share their truths even amidst the discomfort that it may cause them and us to do so.  This is the formula for life changing soulful expansion!  Are you ready sister?? WOO!

DAY FOUR: Ending the journey back in the sacred sisterhood cocoon to play with the information that you uncovered, work through any blocks and resistance that came up, and integrate this newfound knowledge and paradigm that you’ve uncovered.

Shit is about to get REAL.  Let’s DO this! WOO! xoxo

At least once a year there is a program where we unite forces, stay in one place, anchor down and just coach for 4 days straight. This year, that is this trip!  You get full freedom and flexibility to handle your own logistics, food, and accommodations.  Just show up with an open heart and an open mind, leave the ego at home, be prepared to have your mind bent and to be humbled by the new insights and growth!  And that my friends is where true sustainable growth occurs – On the corner of Mind Bend and Humility Lane. BOOM. Let’s do this!

4 days of group coaching, and connecting with like-minded soul sisters who are looking to discover, explore, embrace, and anchor in the foundation principles to understanding men in a whole new way, creating and sustaining attraction and having a leg up on the rest when it comes to insights on thriving communication and relationships!

It is a 4 day coaching immersion program.  The size will be kept small enough that we can do group circles and everyone will get a chance to share throughout their 4 day journey!  The group sizes are kept small intentionally so that we can explore where YOU are stuck, answer YOUR questions that have been plaguing you, and play with areas that are specific to YOU that will propel you forward as you create and sustain the connections with men that you are craving!


AND… This year we got ourselves an Epic Sexy Deal should you choose to partake! 😉

HOTEL: The Tide South Beach:
ADDRESS: 1220 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
I went ahead and got us a bomb diggity rate and offerings/inclusions:
Epic Sexy Deal Details:
+ Ocean View for your Room
+ You will get a $25 credit per person towards breakfast each morning during your stay
+ 2 Double beds to share the adventure, or a King to treat yo-self to a solo stay. (Just let me know as I have arranged a deal for you to get the same rate for for a king option and I will help you to secure your rate for your booking – Per what is still available at the hotel.)
+ Wifi Included
+ 25% discount for food & beverages on the property during your stay.
+ You will need to provide your credit card details to reserve your booking, however you will not be charged until you check in, and you can cancel up until 4 days prior to arrival – Again, please note – That I will help you with your booking so please let me know what you prefer and I will help you arrange it! 😉
+ I currently have rooms reserved at the rate of $302.10 per night – That is the price I was quoted that is approximated with fees and taxes included – Please note, that once you take over the reservation that the room and room sharing is solely up to you to do whatever tickles your fancy. All costs, fees, and / or cancellation terms will be fully transferred over to you and all thaaangs moving forward will be between you and the hotel. 
Please let me know if you would like to share a room and I will do my best to accommodate – In the event that there is an odd # for pairing, and if there are no roomie matches available for you, your alternatives will be to either 1. Treat yo-self to a King bed room at the hotel for the same rate (according to their availability) or 2. You can book at another location in the area – if you Expedia search for rooms in Miami on Ocean Drive you will see options that are within walking distance if you would like a cheaper option for a solo room.
Please let me know ASAP what you would like to do so that I can tell you next steps to book your room according to your desire. 😉

This is NOT…

Another Cookie Cutter One-Size-Fits-All solution.

Another retreat where the host talks the entire time and you listen.

Another “retreat” where you fly into a positively stuning and radiant sunny location and then you sit inside all day while you get your learn on.

Another LARGE group retreat where you get lost in the mix, leave with your own questions unanswered, and feel like you didn’t get to connect with the retreat host because there were too many people there.


This IS….

A group coaching experience where you will get YOUR questions answered while you are there. 

A unique and custom experience where you are an active participation in the creation of the content and what we cover, based on your desire, your blocks, and your dreams!

A retreat where you will not only grow, expand, learn, discover, and explore all things YOU, you will also be outside enjoying the Miami scenic eye candy and beautiful weather!  We will be coaching outside when we can, because it is truly beautiful there! 


The Tribe Asked for Some Thaaangs, of Which – I Heard You and I am Delivering…

This is in the states.  On the beaches of the Sunny State of Florida. 😉

You pay for the cost of the coaching program and then you are empowered with making the choices moving forward for where you want to stay, how you want to get to the hotel, what you want to eat, etc.

You can use your miles and/or points.

You can arrange all your travel per your own desires and preference.

You can book whatever hotel is per your own desire and budget and all that yummy deliciousness!!

There are loads of options for hotels that you can stay at in the Miami area, roughly $350 per night for the nights that we are there – and if you let me know that you’re interested in a room share I can spread that news to other ladies who are looking to do the same and in the event that you find a roomie, you can do a splitsy poo. No guarantees, but usually it works itself out that peeps who super want to share get to – and the sooner you sign up the more likely you’ll get a room share partner. 

This is 4 days, 2 days of which are a weekend, so you don’t have to worry about taking a ton of time off work! (unless you want to in which case you can fly in early or stay later and get your relaxation, lounge, pampering, socializing with friends in the area, and / or get your rest on!)

Cost: Event Fee – $2,597**

Deposit – $500 to reserve your spot, and payment plan is available.  Spots are first come first serve.

$2,195 – For payments in full on or before 2/15/17

*Deposits and all payments are non-refundable.


**Includes 4 days of group coaching, and connecting with like-minded soul sisters who are looking to discover, explore, embrace, and anchor in the foundation principles of understanding and communicating with men in a way that is aligned with your soul’s cravings for deep sustainable love and connection!  Men will be joining us on site for this retreat.  AND you will receive access to  research calls conducted prior to the event so that you can hear the feedback, patterns, and insights directly from the men themselves! And a variety of men at that! WOO! Let’s do this! 😉

Want to Know what the Epic Sexy Retreat Experience is all about?

Hear it Here, Firsthand From the Tribe!

* Sisterhood * Connection * Expansion *

If you are in! Please send me a message and let’s chat and get you set up!

Epic Sexy You - Mansights in Miami